Monday, August 22, 2016

32 weeks

Weight gained: same, 12 lbs
How I'm feeling: A little worse. Bigger, slower, more tired. Still no heartburn but the occasional leg cramp. Short of breath. Also this upper right rib pain. I don't think its from being kicked, but I really don't know. You'd think if it was from a tight bra it would be bilateral? Who knows. I painted my toenails this morning and every time I think it's the last time, but then there's one more time, but seriously I feel like today was the last time, I could hardly bend over enough without losing my breath! My belly is super scaly dry again. Not sure if it was from getting some sun from our Saturday on the lake with friends, or if it's just growing again. Baby was really cramping my lake style, no waterskiing for me, just laying on a floatie, but I did go for a tube ride. It was fun although much slower than I would have preferred!
Cravings: Still with the fruits. Also this week cheez-its and icecream.
Nesting: The windows are mostly in, they had ordered one the wrong size. Afterwards I re-painted all the sills. We still have to re-hang the blinds, but they are so dirty and I really don't feel like cleaning them. So that will wait a bit I guess. Personally I feel like new windows deserve new blinds, but Doug doesn't want to spend more $ and really our blinds are fine, just dirty.
Decisions: We met with the doula yesterday and liked her. I think I'm still on the fence on if I want it to be just Doug and I, but these statistics are swaying me towards hiring one.
And they say an increase in a mother's satisfaction with her labor experience. Pretty convincing. We still need to find a pediatrician. I got some baby name books from the library and I think we are pretty settled on the name. So that's fun.
Reading: Doug finished reading our hypnobirth book! And now he's reading a Dad's parenting guide. I am re-reading Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth and then will read the Hypnobirth book again.
Days till babymoon: 4
Days left till due date: 54. My personal guess is baby will come October 16th. There is a 'supermoon' coming that night and for whatever reason those tend to bring women into labor. In the interest of my own comfort I'd prefer if he even came a bit earlier than that, but I guess we'll see, he's the boss!

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