Tuesday, August 16, 2016

31 weeks

I think this is finally 7 months.
Not much new from last week.
Weight gained: same, 12 lbs
How I'm feeling: Good. Scrubs starting to feel very tight, but don't want to use the maternity ones yet, they are ugly. Earlier in the week I felt like I could hardly breathe, but feeling back to normal again.
Cravings: Same, fruits. Yesterday had a banana, apple, 2 kiwi, and grapes
Purchases: We used up all our shower gift cards. Man those go fast! I was tallying up the stuff we still wanted and it is like $800. Ouch. Trying to look at how much is 'needs' and how much are just 'wants' right now. I always wanted to be the cheap mom who had the baby in a drawer and just made do, but they really do need some of that stuff and it's so dang expensive.
Nesting: Our new windows were supposed to be installed today but the guy "messed up his calendar", so annoying. Trying to be ready people!!
Doug made this the other day when I came home from work:
(and no, Sam's club pizza is not as good as Di'journos, fyi)
And we took this belly picture:
I practiced rocking with my first baby:
And just because I thought this little guy was so cute laying on our deck:
Days left till due date: 59
My due date is a Saturday and I'm supposed to work that Saturday/Sunday. I am really praying he doesn't come on a day when I'm at work! I really want to labor peacefully at home for as long as I can and it will not be relaxing if I'm taking care of patients and trying to either "kill time" there working or have to wait for a replacement before I can leave. My job is like at the extreme opposite of the relaxing spectrum and that's the whole point/goal of hypnobirthing. Makes me worried...

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