Friday, September 2, 2016

Around the house

One thing about being in a small house with no basement has been a problem with storage space. Our garage rafters are pretty crowded with stuff, it's nice we have that area, but everything is dusty and hard to get to without a big ladder. I wanted some indoor storage and hired my dad to build me some custom laundry room shelves.
My dad builds pipe organs so he is an amazing woodworker, but is not a cabinetmaker and doesn't like making cabinet doors. So we had the doors custom made from a place in CA. Which was actually more expensive than I was initially thinking, but I think worth it in the end. And then he build the storage unit part.
I guess there is no true "before" picture, but imagine a laundry room with, I don't know, a bunch of empty space above the washer/dryer.
Dad whipped it together and when Elizabeth was in town for my shower weekend they all were over and we lifted it into place. Heavy! And awkward as the cabinets are about 1.75 ft high and 7 feet long.
storage spot for food containers, canning jars, tablecloths, and baby stuff not needed yet
putting on the doors
I made these signs and now the laundry room is a much more organized space!
One other thing Dad was hired to do was fix our garden window. When we got the windows quote a new garden window was about $3k alone. Um, no thanks. Our other option was to just turn it into a regular double-hung. Boring! The garden window had a cracked seal on the top pane, and it is drafty in the winter, but I love the character. So Dad to the rescue.
Dad removed it and had it replaced by some glass guy he knows. Then replaced the new panel.
So much brighter, and the new glass panel only $80. Nice.
Today Doug and I went to the movies, Ben Hur, good. I'm doing some homework while he's off at his new class, and just readying myself for a long 3 day weekend at work. Happy Labor day to everyone else!

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