Wednesday, September 28, 2016

37 weeks

Non maternity stretchy shirt!
Weight gained: 18 lbs. Yeah sure, now it's piling on!
How I'm feeling: A little more tired. I've been more crabby and moody, but nothing crazy I think. Lots of Braxton-Hicks, my midwife says that's good because it softens the cervix. Cool. Excited to meet him, but hope he still stays in there 3 more weeks! I want my maternity leave to get me thru the holidays and I have so much maternity fall stuff to wear I didn't even get a chance! Plus healthier full-term baby :)
Prep: Made a couple big batches of soups for the freezer.
Red lentil-pumpkin
delicious vegan cookies just because
Still re-reading my Hypnobirthing book and practicing relaxation techniques with Doug. We need to be doing way more of this. Might take the hypnobirth refresher classes these next 2 weekends. The hospital bag is mostly packed and waiting.
Cravings: Sent Doug out for these addicting lemon ices.
good man
Lab results: My thyroid is within normal limits, praise God. But Group B Strep came back positive, (like 1/4 of women are colonized). Which means slight risk of transmitting and baby gets infected -> meningitis or sepsis. So I have to take antibiotics during labor and if water breaks can't hang out and labor at home, have to rush in to start them. So I'm bummed. I really wanted as little interventions as possible. So now I'm praying water doesn't break! (water breaks in 10-15% of women). Pray for me!
Nesting: Working on painting my craft desk. Lowe's is now in breach of their contract to finish our windows so that's not done. SO annoying. Doug is calling them everyday now. Otherwise nursery is mostly ready, borrowing a side-bed sleeper from a friend have to still pick that up, and picked up a couple cute things to get in the fall season:
Days till due date: 18
Randoms: Last night went out for a dessert date with Dougie
(my cookies are SO much better)
Got to see my brother and sister-in-law last week for lunch, that was fun. Today going apple picking with my in-town visiting German brother. Looking forward to that (and the cider and donuts!)
Update: after the cider mill and a fun day walking around downtown, everyone came over for dinner and a picture :)


  1. Will be praying for a safe and healthy birth for mommy and baby.

    By the way, I always chuckle to myself whenever you say "hypnobirth" because it just reminds me of this from Futurama:
    (Read some of the comments, haha)

    1. yeaaaah.... I never liked Futurama haha