Tuesday, September 13, 2016

35 weeks & UP Adventures

Weight gained: same, 14 lbs
How I'm feeling: Same. Pretty good, slight backaches. Emotionally feeling a bit overwhelmed with always feeling lots to do, messy house, frustrated with projects going awry, but mostly good. Good news from the midwives: measuring on schedule and baby is head down. Please stay that way!
Belly button: still an innie, but might not stay that way until the end! My skin is looking extremely thin especially around the umbilicus.
Cravings: Nothing new here. Fruit, icecream.
This last weekend Doug and I took what probably will really be the last little trip before baby. He'd wanted to go to this bear ranch in the UP of Michigan (I veto'd it for our babymoon, so we just went for fun). I guess it started off this guy would take in cubs when the moms were killed by cars, and it grew from there. I first thought you walked around amongst the live bears, but no, they just had these big penned habitats and you walked around them. For $3 more you could feed them apples, so of course we did.
And for another $10 you could pet a cub while it obsessively licked jam off a spoon
So of course we did that too
(don't mind the fact it looks like I gained all 14 of those pounds in my face in this pic!)
Oh I forgot, on the way across the Mackinaw Bridge we found ourselves in the middle of the 9th annual tractor crossing. Which was random, but pretty cool. I guess they have a parade of 800-1000 tractors that drove over.
Reminded me of tractor rides with my grandpa.
After the bear ranch we headed over for a bit of hiking at the upper and lower Tahquamenon Falls.
We checked into our cheap motel and went to downtown Newberry for some dinner, window shopping, and later we went to their one option movie theater. They were showing Bad Moms, which looked funny, but was the most raunchy crass movie that we left midway. Ok, it was funny at times, but not a movie you feel good about watching. So back to the motel for some real good stuff: HGTV and an episode of Fixer Upper! :)
The next day we headed back down to the lower peninsula. Doug had wanted to stop at this other zoo but it was too rainy. Bummer. So instead we met up with some of his friends for lunch in Traverse City before going over to my relatives house. We had dinner with them, and slept over. The next day went to church with them and then my uncle took some maternity photos of us.
the penalty for blinking during a shot ;)
We headed over to another aunt and uncle's to visit them and my Grandparents (94 yrs old and about to fly out on a trip of their own!), and finally to the 3rd set of aunt and uncles that live up there to visit and see their new addition they put on their house. Then we headed home, got home late, and had to wake up early for work.
But it was a great trip and we had a fun time together just the 2 of us :)

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