Monday, September 19, 2016

36 weeks

Weight gained: 16 lbs. I've been extra hungry lately! One of us (or both) are having a growth spurt.
How I'm feeling: Pretty good, same bit of back pain. Getting a little more tired again. Feeling busy with the to-do list, my online RN to BSN class, Bible study started back up, work, and staying on top of household chores.
Nesting: We have entered full blown nesting over here. This last weekend Doug and I installed the baby carseats in our cars, cleaned/organized (really just about 1/2) the garage, I started a new craft project desk makeover that I'm trying to finish before he comes. Perfect time for sanding, priming and painting furniture right!?!
Garage looks neater, at least on my side. And lightsaber within easy grabbing reach. Priorities.
Made 2 different batches of lactation cookies to keep in the freezer for future breastfeeding help. Not sure how much they will help, but super tasty :)
Speaking of, we took a breastfeeding class and it was pretty informative. Doug's co-worker and his wife were randomly sitting behind us in class, they are due the week before us. Hopefully breastfeeding will go good.
Days till due date: 25
Randoms: My brother and my German host-brother are both coming into town next week so it will be fun to see them.
And I can still reach my toenails! So Doug is off the hook at least another week or two :)

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