Tuesday, September 6, 2016

34 weeks

(just me or looks like a beer belly??)
Weight gained: 14 lbs
How I'm feeling: Mostly good, a little more tired. I have 2 scrubs left I can wear to work, otherwise I need to switch to my maternity ones. I unfortunately found this out during my 3 days working in a row this weekend and I was so squeezed I just wanted to cut myself out of them. My co-workers keep asking when I'm going to cave and I said soon as I was super uncomfortable and she said "we don't care about you, give that baby some space to grow!" haha. He's definitely moving a lot. Big movements, feels so crazy. I've had a few of those Braxton Hicks things too. I ran down the hall the other day at work to a CPR code and I think pulled a little something in my back because sometimes it hurts now :( bummer. Also at work a nurse had to come help me with an IV and she was using a portable ultrasound machine to see my patient's veins, I asked if we could look at my baby. So we tried it. I was so excited thinking I'd see his little face and hands waving at me, but no, I couldn't tell what anything at all was. It was super confusing, just squiggles. The only thing I can think is that ultrasound machine only is superficial because it's meant to find veins just under the skin not see into the body deeper? Anyway, it was a disappointment. I won't see him until birth day and I'm getting curious!
Cravings: I saw a commercial for Wendy's frostys last night and tried to send Doug out on a run. He was seeming reluctant so I made the next best thing:
This may look like a bowl of you know what, but it is actually delicious and healthy Vegan Banana soft serve. (I actually do mine with the frozen bananas, splash of almond milk, 1 spoon pb, and another spoon cocoa powder) Mmmm, hit the spot!
So my weekend was all spent at work, but Friday Doug and I went to get some cider and donuts and it was so nice. A beautiful "fall" day. Aaaand today it's 90 again, but that day was lovely.
dodging the ever present cider mill bees
I'm excited for fall, my favorite season, and closer to little boy!
Days until due date: 39

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