Monday, June 1, 2015

handy wife??

Doug and I are back at the home stuff again. We had a very expensive Lowe's cart this weekend. Our lawnmower died, and this time we opted for a new Memorial wknd sale one at Lowes instead of our usual craigslist. We also got a grill (thanks Lindsey for letting your grill research footwork!) We actually went for a smaller one, it looks definitely big enough for two and some friends as well. Doug has been reading The China Study (he's listening on his drive to work, I'm reading it) and he told me the other day he's willing to eat less meat and more veggies. So that's big news. We are excited to figure out how to grill :) Doug also got a leaf blower for use around our house and in his gutter cleaning business. We got another laundry tub cover (fatty September broke the last one jumping up on it), this one is sturdier. Speaking of September, that sneak keeps losing her collars outside! Another collar and tag gone. I really want her to wear it while she's outside in case anything happens, plus I had a little bell on it to hopefully give poor critters time to get away from her, but she keeps ditching them. Maybe it's time to go to the pet store, I keep getting the 'small' at meijer but apparently she is an extra small!? Anyway, the other thing we got was a new entryway light. While I was visiting Joel he suggested I do some of the house repairs.... excuse me? Moi?? But I gave it a go the other day while Doug was studying
ugly gold light - you're outta here!
I got to here when wouldn't you know Dad stopped by offering to blow off those thousands of little helicopter seeds that fell from some tree onto our porch, I asked if he could help me with the light install instead, so ta-da!
I was pretty proud
Today I'm off work after my work weekend (I hate working weekends while Doug is home). It was stressful yesterday with my patient deciding to leave AMA (against medical advice) and then in the elevator changing his mind to come back. I was in there almost 2 hours, thanks for the extra paperwork man!
So, I'm thinking about working in my garden today.
That strange budded bush on the side of the house finally bloomed, and it's actually really pretty!
(bonus: sweet note from husband)
But I am very discouraged about my 'black-thumb'. This is my dill I tried to grow
My friend Rachel said 'dill is actually really hard to kill, that's why it's called "dill-weed" '. Well, hmmmmphf
The farming/gardening gene appears to have went from Grandma to mom and then was not passed on any further.
Here are my little tomato and green pepper babies I've grown over the last 8+ weeks
They seem too fragile for Michigan Mother Nature's cruel twists of pounding rain and then scorching sun. I set them out on the deck in their containers and I can see them from the window blowing in the wind. Hang in there babies!! Rachel said hers have been in the ground outside for weeks now, so maybe it is sink or swim time.
Other than that Doug and I are enjoying spending time together when we can. We rollarbladed/he biked thru the park behind our neighborhood the other day and spent a whole day together on our day off. That was nice. It's funny, there have been a few times when he knows what I'm thinking (especially when it comes to food). This happened last night:
me: (walking into kitchen to get the 2 cookies from the oven) bad news babe
Doug: 5 minute backrub I know what you're going to say
me: ok, what was I going to say?
Doug: sorry but it looks like you won't be getting a cookie Doug
me: (hilariously laughing) yup, sorry *mouth stuffed with cookie*
Not my fault his cookie line disappeared. It is funny how many times Doug requests I can make something up to him with a 5 minute backrub. Lol.

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  1. Congrats on the new grill and the new light!!!! We love Bobby Flay's Boy Meets Grill book and Emril at the G'rill