Thursday, June 18, 2015

weekend with friends

Our friend Josh was in town this last weekend taking a break from his medical residency in Virginia, and made the most of the opportunity and hosted a friend's BBQ night. Doug and I spent Saturday morning cleaning and food prepping and then we went with some of my nursing co-workers to see Jurassic World. So good! It was very entertaining and good plot and I liked it a lot. Then we came home and friends started showing up. It was a good time to break out some of the wedding registry serving stuff!
First there was this egg I used in my potato salad, would this have been little chicken twins!?!
TJ's sweet and spicy pecans, crackers, and peach tea with lemon
pasta salad even Doug ate some of (he picked around the fresh tomatoes!)
pretty serving tray
assorted cheeses
pretty platter
Not pictured: our friends!!! :( I am failing in my photography opportunities. But it was a good time, we chatted, ate together, more talking and laughing. We never made it to the games but it was nice spending time together and seeing Josh (and other friends as we don't get together too regularly anymore)
The next day Doug and I visited a new church he picked. We both really liked it and the people were super friendly and inviting us to their young marrieds class. It was funny because the book they are going thru next is a book we received as a wedding gift and haven't started yet, a sign?! We still have several more churches we wanted to visit first, but it was good to have some promise.
It's only Thursday and I can't remember the rest of the weekend, but I think it was good!


  1. GAH that sounds so fun! I love your serving dishes! I'm so sorry we missed it :( What is the marriage book?