Saturday, June 6, 2015

My first (and maybe last) fix

So I took the plunge and joined Stitch Fix, I thought it would be fun to be 'styled' and I keep reading about other blog girls that were doing it and seeing their cute fixes. So you log on, make a profile, and tell your stylist what you like and you rate a bunch of outfits on their website so they get a feel for your tastes. Anyway, I've been so excited and today it finally came
The mail lady came just as Doug and I were headed out for a Saturday of farmer's market shopping and bike riding. I ripped it open for a peek before we headed out.
Fun, bright colors- such promise!
I had told my stylist that I wanted a little help in the wardrobe department, but that I am a salvation army girl at heart and it would be hard for me to keep anything in my box over $40. They made it seem like there was a wide price range of items for every budget. How it works is you can pick the categories of clothes you want, I chose 'date night' and 'casual' since I always wear scrubs to work and don't need anymore business casual. I told her we were going to Alaska soon and maybe some trendy travel outfit would be nice. Anyway, this was my fix:
out of everything, I think I liked these dark navy skinny jeans the best. But when I saw the price $98, um nevermind.
The shirt was kind of pretty, but sheer and a bit sack-like. And $50.
This shirt had such a fun pattern, but so frumpy. I can't spend $40 on a polyester shirt made in China. Stuff like that is at Marshalls all the time for $12.
Those big drapey cardigans don't look good on me, I like the color, but another $50 no.
My last item was this 'date night' dress. I liked how it looked in the back
But I didn't like the pleats, Doug didn't like it at all either. Plus I would have thought of a more fun color for spring/summer
So off all of it goes back. If you keep nothing you just pay a $20 styling fee. So it's not risk free, but it's not crazy either. I think I might give feedback on the site to my stylist and try one more time. I like the cute outfit idea cards they give you
and I really like the marketing too honestly. My card was like "Anne, these classic skinny jeans are perfect as you're walking around in Alaska and cover up with this cardigan when it gets cold"
And I like the idea of someone trending up my wardrobe a little and encouraging me to try new stuff. I guess this is as close as it's going to get since I don't live with Jill anymore and don't have her stream of fashionable outfits to try to copy off of ;)


  1. Those skinnies look so good on you!! But I totally get it! I couldn't spend over $50 on anything because I'm a garage sale / Salvation Army girl :)

  2. I get style advice from following Lauren Conrad's blog, The Slaughters - and Mix and Match Family - They all do "What they wear" posts each week and give me good ideas