Monday, June 22, 2015

grow garden grow!

I am attempting my very first veggie garden
a second attempt at dill
potted a lavender plant and got a flower that's supposed to help repel mosquitos ( if you had acres of it)
since I don't have much yard in a sunny spot that isn't over the septic field we got some planter boxes and put them on a 2x6 and then on cinder blocks. My thought was that they would be above the groundhog
transplanted my little green pepper seedlings I've been growing indoors since April
and my little tomato seedlings
I also planted sunflowers and snap peas in cinder block holes along the fence.
But alas, the groundhog was already spotted munching on something. I was inside and saw him from my window. I screamed and Doug ran out there in his socks with a baseball bat. Lucky for my poor eyes the groundhog ran back under the fence and I didn't have to watch him get batted to death.
I told Doug I don't want to be responsible for the groundhog's death, I just also don't want him to eat months and months of my work and hope.
So while I was at work this weekend Doug was googling how to keep out groundhogs. He found they don't like the smell of humans and so I got a text saying he put a bunch of my hair from my brush around the garden and he pee'd all around it.
And he started building a fence. It wasn't quite done by nightfall so he tells me "I'm going out to pee in the garden again", thanks babe! haha
But now it's done and even though it's not the most beautiful backyard, it is pretty sturdy little fence and hopefully will give my veggies a chance to grow
We've got kale, colored beets, tomatoes, and green peppers
so funny I planted all the cinder block plant seeds at the same time and one block has stuff 2+ feet high and the others are still so teeny, it looks like a bell curve. Hopefully some more will grow
Lastly, my new peony plant made just one flower. Mom says she doesn't think it will bloom. My aunt said I wouldn't get any flowers at all the first year after transplanting them, so I felt lucky to get this little bud at all.

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