Wednesday, June 24, 2015

the sad tale of a little bird

Doug and I had a 'friday date' last friday since he had the day off and I was working the weekend. It was wonderful. We drove to Menards to pick up the stuff for our bathroom renovation project
got lunch at 5 Guys, and then we took the kayaks up and kayaked on the lake I hope to live on someday.
There it is.
My dream house.
Or maybe I should say "dream property" since the house is 750 square feet and is probably infested with animals. Regardless, said dream is many many years of saving away. But I can think about it.
And speaking of lakes, yesterday I went over to a friend's house and we had such a wonderful day grilling, and wakeboarding, and watching the Bachelorette, I am loving this part-time schedule!
And yay for moms who slap a life jacket on their kids and still go out wakeboarding and skiing themselves!
anyway, back to my sad tale...
So friday on our way home from kayaking we stopped at Liz and Mark's to visit and Liz promptly tells us we have to save a baby bird she found.
Poor little guy.
We called the shelter by our house to see if they could take him but they were already closed. So after some googling we found out what they could eat and it strongly recommended not taking the bird away because 9 out of 10 times the mom will come back for it. So we fixed up a little nest
Now I have to say this husband of mine is a keeper. I cut up a little apple and Doug minced up a dead worm we found and he tried to feed the bird with a little fork.
We couldn't get him to eat and he just nestled into his blanket. So we put him close to where Liz found him and went home.
Another reason my hubby is a quality guy, he took me to get my favorite icecream Eskimo Kisses and then dropped me off at home so I could shower and get to bed early for work, and he drove back to their house and worked with Mark for 2+ hours in the dark on this nightmare yard flooding problem they've been dealing with because he felt bad for Mark.
Liz said the next morning our little bird was dead. I felt sad. What is wrong with that stupid abandoner mom?!? But felt a bit better he was at least snug and cozy and wasn't eaten by a wild animal. RIP little bird.

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