Tuesday, June 9, 2015

glorious weekend

Man I love not working weekends, something I won't take for granted anymore! Doug and I slept in Saturday. On work days he's up at 4:30, and me at 6, so I never see him in the morning. We went to the farmer's market held at the place we had our wedding reception, and then went to the farmer's market in Rochester. We ate tasty muffins, me: spinach artichoke, Doug: oat apple. Talked to a farmer about buying a 1/4 cow for organic meat, and got some fresh produce. Then we headed out on our bikes along a trail. A trail that just so happened to lead to the cider mill. So we had some donuts and laid on our blanket by the river.
We came home and started up our new grill
I got these Field Roast veggie dogs this vegan blog girl is always talking about, I guess they finally made it to the Midwest (from West coast) because I saw them at meijer finally. $5 for 4 dogs, kinda pricey, but tasty and a healthy option.
Then we met up one of Doug's friends at the outdoor mall for free Bocce ball.
There was live music and it was just really fun.
Then the friends came back over for a late night BBQ. Where we realized our new grill is too small! Perfect for 2, but not for 4 and with lots of sides. It ended up being a 5 course meal with burgers/dogs first, then grilled veggies, then baked potatoes, then grilled corn-on-the-cob and finally grilled peaches with ice cream. Yum. We had a bonfire and sat out talking together, it was fun.
Sunday we started 'our new church hunt'. Not really looking forward to that. But Doug's church of 10 years doesn't feel like home to me, and he didn't feel that challenged at mine. Although he did come for a 3 month trial (vs the every other Sunday we had been doing), and he liked it, I think we both feel it's time to find something together. So we had another friend come with us, and then we went out for lunch with her afterward. Hopefully it won't take too long to figure stuff out.
Doug's old roommate had a bday party at the park in the afternoon so we headed over. We got a park pass so I hope for lots of bike riding/rollarblading/picnics in the future! And then when the weather got stormy we headed over to a friend of their's house for games. It was fun.
Came home and mom and dad had stopped by with this gorgeous bouquet, peonies, my favorite!
Then we headed out to dinner with Liz and Mark and used our free taco coupons. Such a fun weekend!

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  1. That sounds like such a fun weekend! I miss Yates so much!!!! And wow, you are a grilling machine!!! LOVE IT! :)