Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Update

This weekend we did a hangout with my friend Liz and her husband Mark. We went over and Liz made us delicious food, and for dessert we had cookies I made along with a smorgasbord of new Oreo flavors that Liz wanted to try: chocolate peanut butter, berry icecream blast, lemon, birthday cake (chocolate and vanilla), crispy marshmallow... I actually only tried peanut butter because I don't like all that other stuff, and it was good :)
After dinner Doug and I were facing the window and could see the sky getting darker and flashes of lightening. Then all the sudden it was raining and hailing like crazy! The power went out and we all watched the storm from the windows. Liz said she ran back from the windows afraid they were going to break and she thought Doug and I were following her only to look back and see us still noses pressed to the window in fascination. I couldn't look away! Their upstairs window screens were ripped off and flew by the windows, pieces of wood were flying off the deck, branches were crashing down off trees. The scariest part was when all the sudden the lake rose and started flowing towards the house. It was getting closer and closer bringing neighbors' boats into the yard, but it stopped a few feet from the deck. That was scary. Our best guess was the 3 inches of hail that we got so fast rose the lake level. Doug and I were saying that's probably why people get swept away in tsunamis and tornadoes, it is just amazing to watch, and then it's all the sudden too late.
couple inches of hail balls
poor Mark spent all winter building this shed only to have it blow away into the neighbor's yard during the storm and now it's ruined. It was pretty funny though when they looked out the window after the storm let up... "the shed is gone". Haha, sorry
Monday I had off from clinical for Easter break so I went to a matinee with Liz
We both liked it and had really liked the book when we read it for book club. I went to the library to get the other ones to remind myself what happens next and they were all gone, so it must be in high demand.
Liz brought in some delicious mediterranean cusines for us to dine on during the movie. This one was my favorite. So good! I wish I knew how to make it, but alas.
I would never be able to get the spices right. It was some sort of sweetness, but still a bit spicy. Yum.
And then I spent the rest of the day with Doug. Made him some dinner. I asked what he wanted and he requested "noodles and chicken like from Noodles & Co" so this is what he got
I never know quite what to do for sauces. This was pretty much olive oil, italian cheese and spices. It was pretty good. Doug must have liked it because I went to put away the leftovers and he had eaten it all. Then we watched a bad movie he picked at the library and he sat with me while I sorted my winter to summer clothes. A very nice night.
Today I had to go meet my clinical group for a service project. We thought we were making food for the homeless, but instead painted bathrooms. It was cool to see how much we got done with 8 people in just a few hours. This place had been a church, then turned into a nightclub (I went there once at 18), and now has been bought by an organization who is restoring it back into a church. It looked great!
It did always seem wrong to me that such a raunchy nightclub used to be a church, so I'm glad it has been redeemed!
but the sad part of today
The rest of today I made this super tasty noodle bake of my friend Lois
and will be doing some homework. Fun.


  1. What a fun weekend! Good eats! I cannot believe the weather you had though, whoa!! Crazy!

  2. Awww, poor Mark. :( I feel really bad. It sucks when you've put that much work into something.

    OMG, is that Clutch Cargo's! I saw Jars of Clay there (hey, at least I saw a Christian band there, haha). Looks so different in that picture, it's hard to believe it's the same place but I remember those views from above on the sides.