Monday, April 28, 2014

Gabe's wedding

This weekend my cousin Gabriel got married. They had said in their invitations if people wanted to give a gift, to consider making a vegetarian dish for their potluck wedding. I was super excited. I had always thought about the idea of a potluck wedding and I wanted to see how it went for them. Plus I loved the vegetarian potluck idea, whereas potlucks at church always ended up being 3 crockpots full of stinky sauerkraut and kielbasa. Ew.
Doug came to pick me up and I still had to fix my hair so I left all the ingredients out for him to help make the sauce for my Spicy Southwestern Tabbulleh. This was a recipe from my veggie friend Rachel, and it's super good.
so many spices!
I needed a bigger plate at the wedding!
My salad is the top plate 10 o'clock. Also I had some avocado/black bean salad, greek pasta salad, fattoosh salad, mom's ramen noodle cabbage salad, potato and rice curry, pasta pine nut salad, asparagus noodle salad, and uncle rays twice baked potatoes. SO GOOD. They had also made chocolate bundt cakes and one was on each table and they came around with icecream.
It was a beautiful wedding in the church, and the reception was in the basement which they had beautifully decorated. Here's a bad picture of these hanging lights I liked, but in the background you can see these giant tissue paper flowers they had made to decorate each table.
Us at the wedding
It was a great wedding, great food, fun music and dancing, and a great time to see and talk with cousins and family that I see far too infrequently.
Sunday we went to my church, then back up to Mom and Dad's. My aunt from out east was still in town and we wanted to visit some with her. We had lunch, went on a walk on the rails to trails near their home, came back for Dad's delicious pancakes dinner, and then I cut Doug's hair. Not bad for not cutting a bf's hair in over 10 years!
Also I finally was validated by this picture. For months now I've teased Doug that he makes this 'face of agreement' when he's listening to someone and he will frown and raise his eyebrows and nod his head. He was talking to mom and I was pretending to look up stuff on his phone, but secretly took this picture of him. Huzzah! Proof!
If this were a GIF file he would be nodding, but this'll have to do. Now back to homework!


  1. LOL. I can totally picture when he would make that face. Doesn't everybody do something like that? I usually feel like I do that when I don't really have anything to say, but could be different for how everyone uses it.

    1. Well it is a very pronounced frown haha

  2. I love the potluck wedding idea, how fun!!! You looked gorgeous, per usual, at the wedding!