Thursday, April 24, 2014

just one of those days

This day started out terrible. Every morning I lay there after my alarm goes off trying to 'finish up' my dreams. Then I'm rushing around paying for it later. I started my day with my ballet workout, which went good, and was mostly on schedule until I had only 10 minutes left to both start the dinner in the crockpot, pack my lunch (school from 10-4 so long day of food necessary), and blend up my breakfast. I pushed 'blend' and turned around. A second later I felt something wet land on my head and I saw the insert of the blender top had flew off and now my chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie was flying into the air. I quickly just clamped my hand over it, but the damage had been done.
There may or may not have been some stomping of feet and yelling heard from the kitchen. But I'll never admit it.
So I quickly mopped it up, and flew off to school. The rest of the day was actually pretty good. First day of Pediatrics part B, and feeling good. Studied with my school friend on the lunch break. After school stopped to get a few things to make a dish for my cousin's vegetarian potluck wedding this weekend (how fun!!! super excited!!) and was very happy to see this returned to the grocery store!!
Sorry fellow shoppers, I bought every available packet.
Then came home and ate my delicious soup with a side of quickly made 5 ingredient biscuits.
this is a recipe from Liz that actually turns out as good as hers!
mmm.... carbs....
And now doing some homework.

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  1. Aww the blender! Mornings that start out like that and make you scramble always make me feel scattered, but I'm glad the day got better! :)