Friday, April 18, 2014

busy week

This week has been super tiring. Man, I am not made for full time work! I shudder at the thought of 12 hour shifts. All I do is walk around at work getting stuff, making beds, hooking up patients, running to the lab or to get blood, busy busy busy all day, but yet I gain weight. I don't understand. Anyway, when I got home today it felt really good to lay down on the couch. I laid there and read this mag for about an hour
I really like frivilous reading, and I liked this bachelorette so it was a fun read
Then I finally had some energy to do a bit of a workout. I got this new video a couple weeks ago. ($6 ebay!) I've mostly made peace about the fact that I will never have a long lean dancer's body. I mean, come on, I'm only 5'5 and have always been more towards muscular build. I have this picture of me when I'm like 3 or 4 standing by the beach and pointing at the water. In the picture you can see my little bubble butt and little kid muscular arms. It's funny because my body looks the same way now (well, plus boobs and hips). But anyway, this workout is pretty good. She has this 15 minute routine for 'swan arms' and who would think that just flapping your arms like a swan (with no weights at all) would be such a tiring thing, but it is. Anyway, pretty good video. And the butt routines are super tough too.
In the exciting world of Doug's facial hair, it has been undergoing some renovation. First he trimmed the mustache part off so it was just a big W. (no pic, sorry) and then he trimmed it again and called it 'the anchor'
Finally he cut it all the way off. He didn't want to shave it because he thought I might like it and then he'd have to do it all the time. His fear came true, I liked it. Sorry. Plus it's a huge bonus not being scratched and poked all the time by pokey beard hairs. Despite the 'beard conditioner' he bought, haha.
Also this week Doug and I went out for our official 4 month anniversary.
He took me to MEX, like an upper scale mexican restaurant where they have this kale salad I love.
kale, arugula, yellow beets, pepitas, goat cheese, avocado, honey-cumin dressing. Amazing.
my hot date
to many more!

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