Monday, April 7, 2014


I totally felt like this today
haha, this picture makes me laugh!
I woke up mid strange dream to see I had 2 minutes left on the alarm clock. Then the beginning of the day went good, I had the-laaast-related-to-Andrew counseling session (only 2.25 years later!) ((but super worth all the time, money, tears, etc)) and went over to my study buddy's house where she fed me sloppy joes and we studied a couple hours. Then I started to get sleepy mid studying and it was time to go to clinical. Today was super easy, we ended up touring the hypobaric chamber at the hospital (very cool) and then toured the Ronald McDonald house (they let families stay there very cheaply if their kids are sick in the hospital, please donate when you see the box at McDonalds!) And we had a little meeting about theorists Freud, Erikson, Kohlberg and got to go home early.
But I still wasn't feeling super great. Just tired and headachy. So I made some tea, Doug stopped by and we talked a bit, then Jill came home and made some snacks for watching the bball game. And she shared with me, mmm
Yes sir, the end of the day turned out quite nicely indeed.

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  1. Popcorn!!! My fave! :) I hope you are feeling better friend.