Monday, March 3, 2014

my car :(

So Saturday I went up to my parents to have some quiet time and study, and Sunday morning I left to meet Doug at his church. It had snowed, but the roads were ok. I was not 3 miles from their house headed south when I could see one of the side roads and this SUV that was blowing thru his stop sign and headed right towards me not even hardly turning. I had a second to think about swerving, but there was really no shoulder, just a big snowy embankment, and then - WHAM he hit me. Next thing I knew I was tilted in my car, smelling some weird burning smell and saw that my side airbag went off. I got my phone off the floor and started to climb out when two arms were reaching over to help me climb out. There were these 2 young guys and he's apologizing to me and saying it was all his fault. What do you say to that, um, yes, it was. Thanks for not stopping at that stop sign. So I first texted Doug not to save me a seat at church and called the police.
I felt fine, and the boys were ok, but I was worried about my exam the next day and worried about my car.
The policeman came and could instantly tell what happened. He had me go sit in his warm car and when he came back, he asked me how many points I wanted the guy to get. I was surprised to hear that. I found out the guy was 20, so I didn't want his life to be ruined, but now a day later when I'm going through the headaches of endless calls with my insurance and being stranded and had to go get x-rays just to make sure ok so I don't get screwed later, I wish I would've been less nice about it. I mean, this all could have been avoided if he had just stopped. What the heck was he thinking?? I could have been really hurt.
So then it turns out that the boy was the son of a family from my parents church, they didn't recognize me, but I knew the mom when she drove over. The cop was like 'oh no, not this lady' so he somehow knew her. Small world.
Later my mom told me she checked that lady's facebook and she had posted "glad my son was safe from the accident early today... if that girl's car had been earlier or later... etc" and my mom commented "I'm glad they were ok too since that girl was my daughter". I wish she would have wrote the accident that HER SON CAUSED, instead of making it seem like it was my fault. That bothered me a lot. If I was a second earlier or later her dumb son wouldn't have hit me at all. OR if he stopped at stop signs, again, totally avoided. Irritating.
Doug left church and came to get me. Here was what he saw when he drove up:
There's my car way over on the embankment. The cop said there was no way the other guy hit me hard enough to push me way over there from a stopping position.
And here's the damage:
So yeah, now I'm stranded and my parents are carpooling to loan me a car to get to clinicals, and Doug's offering to take me to work 25+ miles out of his way, while this guy drove off in his parent's SUV and probably just got his xbox privileges taken away for a week. Well, and a 2 point ticket.
So today I'm kind of bitter about it.
BUT. I am healthy, a bit of a sore neck, but that's nothing compared to dying or being paralyzed. And in a few days I should know if they are going to fix it or total it, so all in all, it's not the end of the world. But very inconvenient, yes!!


  1. So glad you're ok! What a punk! :(

  2. Aw Anne! I'm so glad you are okay!! So scary! And so frustrating when people don't pay attention and cause such headaches, ugh!

  3. Just glad you are okay. Laughed out loud at the Xbox comment, ahahaha.
    Yeah, makes it sound like the boy told his mom you came out of nowhere or something, so maybe a call back to that police office ("more points for him plz") is in order..

  4. Also what was the cop saying with this?
    "The cop said there was no way the other guy hit me hard enough to push me way over there from a stopping position."
    Makes it sound like he doesn't believe your story. Or was it like incredulous ("no way you got hit THAT hard!!")?