Thursday, March 6, 2014

A few of my favorite things...

No word from Progressive on my car yet, like my mom said, they may have low prices, but what really matters is how quick they are at helping you! Maybe should think about switching next time. So anyway, the ride sharing and sleeping at other people's houses continue. But I am thankful for people helping me!
It also has been nice to see my parents more and spend some time at home with them. The other day I went home and Mom and I exercised to:
I found this record at Goodwill like 10 years ago, then a few years later, I realized a book went with it (not just hopping around figuring out what she is describing), so I got that for my birthday one year. Pretty much you play this record while flipping pages detailing the exercises in the book and exercising along. But I love it! It's a good workout, I love the 70s music and I love Jane's encouraging voice. I really like her and she was the fitness queen of her day. Her book tells the backstory of her journey to health and I really like that too. Isn't she so cute and peppy in her little leotard?! I think she's like 40-something there, total fitness role model.
Other good things, I found this favorite childhood movie at walmart
Doug watched it with me and he bought me some icecream
mmm... moose tracks... a true test of our relationship: can he handle me digging out all the chunks?? Passed. Or at least he didn't complain :) I think it helps he told me his favorite flavor is vanilla, perfect, since the chunk-less vanilla portion of the icecream I buy usually ends up in the disposal.
Then I came back to the condo after several days I see a package for me, and it's this:
The cookbook of my favorite blog girl cook! (Thanks Jochelle!!!) Flipping through it doesn't have a lot of my very favorite (which is fine because they already were printed and made it into my favorite recipes binder) but it does have a lot of new delicious looking things which I am excited to try!
Also in my mail pile was this note
Awww! I really do feel loved!


  1. 1. So how close were your guesses on the workout/dance moves, once you finally had the book to see the right answers?
    2. We have Progressive and I thought they were pretty good with claims. I'm sure the time feels like it's really dragging on though when it's a totalled car and you have no way to get around....
    3. I made Michelle watch Flight of the Navigator with me a month ago and it was totally not as good as it was when I was a kid. I'm like 10 for 10 with showing Michelle movies from my childhood and them ending up being (obviously).. for kids. (Jacob Two Two omg don't watch that again)

  2. 1- not that close, haha and even with the book guide there's still one move that I'm just like wha??? "I don't know mom, just wiggle around!"
    2- well learned some lessons, I'm not sure if another co would have been better, it's just not ideal any way you look at it!
    3- haha, that's ok, I still like it and want to own it so my kids can share the love. Plus Michelle should love it since aren't all her favs like snow dogs 1-10? ;)