Thursday, March 13, 2014

food and bdays

I found this old celery in the back of the fridge:
Jill has a trick to wrap them (when fresh) in foil to stay crisp longer, but a bucket of water and capillary action also works wonders:
TA-DA!!! (a few days later)
The perfect studying snack
Apples and pb, and ants on a log (nevermind those ants are really chopped up valentines day truffles and not something healthy like cranberries)
Also this week I made beef stroganoff. It was the meal that almost wasn't. I'd been planning on making it for awhile, but when I was cooking I saw that I didn't have any frozen peas. (luckily Jill had some broccoli that needed using) and when I reached for the sour cream, I saw that it was really an old container filled with (now very old) lentil soup Rachel had made for me and stuck in a deceiving sour cream container. Nooo! But then in the far recesses of the fridge did I find some sour cream leftover from taco night (also kinda old, but still smelled fine!). So beef stroganoff cooking could continue.
Pretty much I just loosely go off of a recipe I googled.
I realize it may not photograph that well, but sooo tasty. (and thank you Doug for your pantry-cleaning-out-noodles!)
The last few years I have been unable to celebrate my parents March birthdays with them, but this year, I got to do both! Last week during the car craziness I was up at my parent's and celebrated my dad's, and then this week Mom invited Doug and I up to celebrate hers.
Dad grilled steak, we had salad, and one of her friends dropped off a very tasty pasta salad and carrot cake. And I made chocolate dipped strawberries, mmmm. We got to celebrate with her and watched the pilot episode of Season 1 Downton Abbey that she finally decided to join the rest of the world in watching and received for her birthday.
Also, I had another opportunity to practice on my pincushion, I mean boyfriend. So my boss at work told me I will never be able to start an IV while only a nurse tech, but I had already brought the needles home to practice and had a willing victim. And on my 5th try, I finally got some blood! Although I still failed because I think I hit a valve and couldn't thread the needle. And then when I went to take out the catheter it started gushing blood and I panicked and started yelling until mom just told me to remember to take off the tourniquet. It's very exciting these IV starts I guess. I better not ever work anywhere with gushing blood.


  1. Mmmm your food looks yummy! I love beef strog! Glad your week is going well and congrats on the car! :)

  2. I appreciate how long you were able to wait, while resuscitating the poor little celery. Your patience and frugal know-how saved him from a surefire trashcan fate.

    Also, on an episode of "The Good Wife," these executioners were trying to insert the IV into a prisoner. They stabbed him several times and could not find the vein. This reminds me of your experience practicing on Pincushion. On the show, the lawyers called it torture and his execution was stayed. So I'm not sure if this means Doug is a keeper, or just does not have a healthy respect (fear) for needles. Or maybe it's both. :)