Monday, March 10, 2014

new wheels

Well finally money from Progressive and picked up the new car with mom today.
Gosh this has been such a frustrating experience. The guy at the used car lot told me that insurance companies always give you a bare bones total when they tell you how much they'll pay for your totaled car. Did not know that. He said they probably would have came up $1500. That would have been nice to know! So for anyone in the future who has a totaled car= don't take their first offer!
My new car is pretty similar to the old one, but was not nearly as nice inside, just spent an hour cleaning gunk off the windows and dash. There is no traction control, I think a bit worse gas milege, and no floor mats. But the good part is it has a working CD player (my old one had just quit) and it has 36k less miles so should last awhile. And it is in decent shape.
Worst case, come summer or when there are more cars on the market I could sell it and look for one more comparable to mine, but maybe this one will have grown on me by then.
We'll see. I'm thankful I can stop bumming rides for awhile and for all mom and dad's help!


  1. 1. "fewer" miles ;)
    2. man, they didn't clean it out? i hate that!
    3. at least floor mats are cheap
    I guess you learned a few things through the whole experience. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised it was such a bad experience. I've never had a wreck like that, but from everyone I hear, I was hoping your car was totaled, because it always sounded like "free car upgrade!" when other people had this happen. Maybe they rejected initial offers though. It is supposed to get you into a comparable car, so you probably needed to tell them "for that much money, the only cars I can get have XYZ problems, it's not comparable" etc.

  2. The best time I found to go to the car dealership is late night. By then, the salesman have been busting their butts all day and want to get home to their families too. This is the best time to give them a bottom line price and let them work their magic. I never have an issue and have my new vehicle that same night.

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru