Monday, March 31, 2014

cultured weekend

This weekend Doug and I were very cultured and refined.
Friday night to the DSO with my parents and aunt, uncle and cousin that were in town. They did a wonderful job playing terrible pieces, we only liked the first and last songs.
And then Saturday we spent all day together (which is rare because I usually work and/or am studying)
Saturday morning started out with me making this breakfast fail for Doug. My favorite vegan blog girl described this carrot cake baked oatmeal as "almost thinking it was the real thing"... um, no. You have obviously never tasted my mom's delicious carrot cake, or I'm guessing any carrot cake at all. I didn't like it at all, and ended up making him toast and pineapple. Haha
Jill said she didn't mind it, but Doug said "thank you for not making me eat that".
Anyway, on to our day together. First we went to the DIA. I am much more a science girl than arts girl, but we had fun. I texted this picture to a girl in my nursing class of an example of a baby with microcephaly (small head):
oohhh, nurse humor
Then we went to Slow's again, mmmm
This sandwich is the meaning of true love
Slow's is right by the old train station
Doug thought the best picture of us would be from standing on top of his jeep
Then we went to visit a friend of his and her daughter's new baby. Very sweet. And then went back to the condo hang out a bit. I made him these very tasty pretzels (from Aldi in like a crescent roll tube)
And I had to stop him from eating my whole block of cheese
Sunday was church at Doug's church, then up to my parents for lunch with them and my cousin Amy who was still in town. We went for a family walk in the sunshine (finally!) and introduced Doug to the wonderful world of the Sound of Music. We also skyped with my brother, his wife, and gorgeous baby girl who is growing up so fast. It was a great weekend!


  1. Wow, such a busy weekend, and yet when asked what you guys were up to through Skype, nothing! ;)

    I definitely agree that the view from the Jeep gave the best view of that pole.

    1. LOL, the pole. Obviously by the humor (and skype reference) Anonymous = Joel

  2. What a fun weekend! You guys are too cute. Also, jealous of your Slow's trip!! I need to eat there!