Thursday, February 27, 2014

fish soup and Krav Maga

I may be just about done with one of my blog girl's recipes. The pictures are always amazing and so convincing, but then the product, meh. I saw this apparently irresistable bowl of soup and wanted to make it so bad that I bought these:
I have a hate relationship with fish in a can (well, besides tuna) after I bought a can of salmon and inside I saw an entire vertebrae. And when I went to pick it out, it went ppfftt between my fingers and disintegrated. SOOO disgusting. I could see the anchovies in the jar and it looked like they were de-spined, so I bought a can. Anyway, when I opened it up, I could see something that looked like little white hairs, and they were teeny rib bones. Added calcium apparently.
Finest quality, really?
By then the other stuff was already cooking in the pan so I forged ahead. But it was not a good experience, they smelled like cat food, and there were bits of scales and grey skin. Ew.
Anyway, my soup didn't ever get as thick as hers, and I was afraid to try it, so trusty guinea pigs Doug and Jill tried it. It pretty much tasted just like bean soup, but a bit of a fishy taste every other bite. Will not be making again. I just don't know if I should give up on this blog girl or not, this is like the 6th time of trying something that always asks for exotic ingredients of some sort, and then to have it not be mind-blowing, is frustrating. And of course when I went on there again today to get the soup link, I see something else that reels me in. So maybe one more try!
After dinner Doug and I went to our first Krav Maga class. I got him a groupon for Christmas, and then bought one for myself too thinking it'd be something fun we could do together. We get there and next thing I know I'm doing a "warm up" of minute after minute of high knees and burpees. I was really wishing I hadn't already exercised for the day! I guess it's not really going to be something we do together though, Doug said he doesn't really want to be punching and attacking me, haha. So next we paired off and got into some grappling. Which is apparently a person you just met 5 minutes ago pretends they're going to rape and choke you, and is straddled over you while you lay helplessly on your back. Then you wrap your legs around their body and thrust up your hips to get them off your neck, and bar their arms, twist your legs around till their head is like right by your butt, and then you break their elbow joint. "It was nice to meet you!" Very awkward, but pretty cool too, it actually works. Another very awkward part is when your back makes a fart noise on the ground and you have to explain it to your partner- not like I would know or anything- like it wasn't already uncomfortable enough with all the straddling!
So Doug was off practicing with some guy and he told me on the way home that the guy was asking him who he came with, and he says 'my girlfriend' and points me out, and he said the guy was like 'good job'. So we were joking around about that response, and then he made some joke about pointing me out to the guy, 'my girlfriend's the one over there... farting with her back'. Lol, he's so funny. But it was pretty cool and I'm excited for our next class!


  1. Hahaha, I'm well versed with the back-fart! Every time my trainer makes me do ab stuff. It's like, a little pocket where the back arches... I swear! :)

    I want you to show me and Michelle the Krav Maga move sometime. Hard to picture it.

  2. I did their rape prevention seminar a few times so I know exactly what you're talking about! Did you tell Pawel and Lisa that you know Tom? He married them. I'm assuming you went to the Krav gym on 15 mile? How fun!!