Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Another blurry week consumed by work, school, clinical, and studying. I am now 'adequate' at evaluating heart rhythm ECGs so that's something I couldn't say 2 weeks ago!
I have not been making much food these days, I need more quick recipes, and Jill has been making more stuff, nice!
Last week I did make some Paleo Morrocan Meatballs from my sister's cookbook, she made them for us over break. Her's were so good! Mine were not nearly as good :(
getting the veggies chopped
sauteing up everything
using my 'emergency in case of need to help car accident victims' glove from my backpack to avoid meat germs
simmering the meatballs
45 minutes later
sweet potato fries
dinner time! meh morracan meatballs, and super delicious sweet potato fries with cajun sour cream dip. Yum.
Besides studying, I've been hanging out with Doug, who I found out had been reading my blog while I was blissfully unaware and typing my little heart out. I am somewhat private, and do keep some things go myself, but I really like to use this blog to sort my feelings and reflect on things, so if anything, it felt a little embarrassing. Although nothing I wouldn't have shared with him anyway, oh well.
We've been twice now trying to go back to the rock climbing place, but its been super busy we just leave instead of paying to wait all night for a wall to be open. So instead, we've been going downtown to get coffee, tea, etc. The last time we went and split bubble tea and I got a vegan molasses cookie. The first time I had this cookie last summer I was in love with it, and made 3 attempts at home to recreate it. This time when we went to the tea shop I asked the guy if he would sell me the recipe, but turns out it's from a bakery in another city!! :( anyway, the second time it wasn't even as good. Alas. I'm not sure what was different or if I just built it up in my mind so much. I really think something was off tho.
So tonight I am almost caught up on my reading and I really needed a slower night. I made dinner
my favorite veggie burgers with a side of fried cabbage, and attempted the molasses ginger cookies once again
I forgot the dough has to chill for 2 hours so I am patiently waiting....


  1. Yum! I need to make veggie burgers! Glad things are going well friend! :)

  2. Two things.

    1. Making food with those gloves makes it so unappetizing! Yours probably wasn't as good because you probably pictured a cafeteria lady making it. Just wash your hands with soap..

    2. Regarding Doug finding your blog, just remember not to change how you write based on who is reading. That is what eventually led to the demise of my much-loved blog... I started subconsciously writing less free because I knew certain people were reading it. So watch out! :)