Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heat Wave

Now is that special time of year where I hate living in this apt. I feel bad even writing about it, because I know Jill feels bad that she can't do anything about it either. But seriously, I am going nuts. This morning I woke up not by my alarm, but because my ears were in such intense pain. The radiator has been creaking again like crazy, around the clock, and its loud too. Since January I have been sleeping with ear plugs. I had to buy a deaf person alarm clock that vibrates under my pillow so I don't sleep thru class or work. Sometimes I can still hear the creaks thru my 32 decibel ear plugs. The most infuriating thing is that it just doesn't make any sense. My room is the only one that does it, even though Jill's room has a radiator under a window too, I just don't get it. And it is roasting hot in here all day long. Even with the thermostat set at 60 or 70, it doesn't even matter, it's always 80+ degrees.
It makes no sense. It was cold in November and December, except it didn't do the creaks. And since January it's been non stop. I asked the landlord guy about the heat since you'd think he'd care about us having windows open and he was like 'oh you have it set at 72, that's why it's 85 in there, turn it to 60'. But again, see picture. Nothing works. And anyway, what kind of a system is that? If you set it at 70 it should be 70. And it's all-day-long, I can't get anything done in my room ever because I just want to throw things in frustration. Ok, sorry Jill, just super frustrated. Moving on.
Yesterday I saw these at the store and texted my friend Liz the picture, and she wrote back:
I did notice the smallest size was a large, hey, mediums get muffin tops too! Haha.


  1. Hey AM,

    While I feel bad for your situation, you act like the problem before you is akin to splitting the atom or something. :) It sounds like the simple case of calling a HVAC/heating&air guy to come take a look at it. I'm not really sure who the ownership belongs to in the case of a condo. If it's covered like roofs and lawns, then the landlord should pay for the guy to come out. If he won't, point out in the contract his violation and that you will escalate things. Should be enough to get his attention. If it's not his responsibility, then I'd say it's Jill's. You are paying to live in bearable conditions, right? If she doesn't want to pay, maybe she will switch you rooms. ;)

    I'm sure it's fixable though. It sounds like a pretty common thing too, see this link:

    Sounds like they run the same water through the whole unit and maybe based on the path the water takes, maybe yours is right by the boiler outlet (so it's the hottest), then it snakes out through the other buildings, and then loops back through Jill's on the way back to the boiler (making hers much colder than yours). Say if the condos go East/West in a line, then if your and Jill's room are North/South of each other, then this theory is quite likely what's happening.

    I bet a thermostat radiator valve (as mentioned in the article for like $50) installed by a professional would fix your problem, basically only letting a little of the hot water through your first section of the pipe. It would probably also solve the hissing/popping noise problem, as I guess yours is under a ton of pressure from the boiling steam (hence Jill's also isn't loud). Maybe you can convince the landlord this is a safety concern if that thing bursts while you're sleeping in there...

    Convince your landlord to pay for it. Diverting the too-hot water past your room will save HIM a ton on his energy bill, versus you opening the windows and wasting most of that heat. Plus you having a valve meaning more of that hot water gets to other people (ask your neighbors at the far end if they are freezing) and your landlord can probably turn down his boiler, saving even more money. He'd be an idiot not to buy that argument.

    Good luck,

    1. I did ask Jeff T about it (he works in that area) he said its just the pipes expanding and nothing can be done. The owner is responsible for everything inside the condo. So can't really threaten anything. Jill gives me such a great deal already that has been so helpful. It was ok until ears started hurting. The landlord is going to call me today about the thermostat. It may not be splitting atoms but it is mind boggling :) so we'll see what he says. Otherwise I might look into those wax plugs and maybe can borrow dads big ear muffles for daytime hours till spring!

    2. And thanks for the article, we are in north/south rooms!! Interesting, I'll ask for sure

  2. p.s. Have Doug take the thermostat off the wall and take a picture. I bet it's not even hooked to anything, just mounted there. Landlords have been known to do that just to make you feel like you have some control.

  3. You can come over for a sleepover anytime! Our house is silent at night and COLD. :)