Monday, January 27, 2014

Homework, Hospitals, and Meeting the Parents

This week I was studying for my first exam of the new semester. All about heart stuff, which is not my strong suite, so there was lots of this all week long:
(and Jill made me popcorn!)
In other Jill making food news, she also made this delicious 'taco soup', mmmm
Super tasty, and nice to not have to cook!
I did make this earlier in the week:
That's actually deer. Jill's dad got one, I think that's even from last year, so in our annual attempt to clear out the freezer, I crock-potted it up. It was actually not bad, but still hard to get my mind around the idea of eating a deer.
I wore one of my new Christmas scarfs, I like it!
So today I took my exam, it felt SO bad taking it, but she had a self-check and I got 91%! I was surprised, but I'll take it!
After class I had to go to the hospital.
As a patient :(
Gosh, those gowns and bracelets make you feel like such an invalid. I wish I could just wear my normal clothes.
Anyway, so I've had Grave's disease for awhile (a thyroid condition where it makes too much) and not even really. I had it in 2006, but went on meds for 2 years and have been in remission ever since. But back then they saw 2 little spots on my thyroid so I've had to get it ultrasounded every year and then every two years. Anyway, every time it's been fine and too small to biopsy. But this last time I went my doctor called and said they both doubled in size and I had to go to the hospital. And I got a letter from him with the box marked "don't worry just call the office" and the "don't worry" part was actually crossed off. How comforting, please worry and call the office asap! I actually opened that letter right before I was about to do my workout, and was worried, and my first thought was 'guess I don't have to worry about exercising, it won't matter if I'm fat if I'm about to die of cancer.' Later I was really shocked at how fast I 'gave up hope'.
Anyway, so today I go to get the biopsy and the ultrasound tech is looking, then she calls in the physician assistant, and finally they call in the radiologist doctor to look at it, and no one can find anything. It was strange. Miraculous healing? Or lurking in the depths? I was telling the doctor to look again because I didn't want to go home and die! But they said there was nothing there to even see let alone biopsy. Wow. I'm thankful.
Another thing I'm thankful for is this awesome guy God has brought into my life. Earlier in the week he gave me these coupons:
I like how there is a 'loophole' in the coupon, it specifies a "good" massage.... um, sorry that was just 'fair'... KEEP RUBBING!!! haha
And I got this one:
I like the 'for ever ever' part, from some song I can't remember
So this weekend I met his parents (well, met them more in depth technically). The night before he asked me if I was nervous and I said no, but then the next day I was a bit nervous. Both to meet them, and about how our relationship would be. I was disappointed by my in-law relationship in the past, especially after he was divorcing me and they were just like 'yay- our son will be coming back home!!' Um... healthy. Anyway, so I'm not even sure what to expect for the future and I was talking and sent this text
He has shown me so much grace, even when I am completely undeserving and practically insulting his parents. I felt bad after I sent that. We talked more about it later, and I had a good talk about it too with Jill about identifying my own fears and thoughts- and seeing them for what they are, and not letting the way others are/or aren't be skewed by my own fears. It makes more sense in my brain than it is here. But it was a good talk. And good to be reminded that my relationships can be whatever I want them to be, they just take work and conversations.
So anyway, I'm thankful. And I'm excited. I think God found a good one for me :)


  1. Ibfeelcso bad I didn't know about your u/s today!! I am apparently also a bad typer. Glad everything seems to be ok!! Great job on your test too! The song is...crap. I forget. It's that Andre 3000 guy. Can't think.

  2. Interesting post!
    What imaging method has been used to detect and to study the nodules at the first time?
    Sometimes when ultrasound machine goes out of calibration or when air packet forms between transducer and the patients skin, the false images are created

  3. Aw he sounds like such a good guy, so happy for you!!! :)

  4. Praise God for the ultrasound results! So, based on Babylon's post, is it only true that false positives can be created? False negatives is what scares me.

    So... I guess we all know the name of who you are dating ;)

    And when did you start to say "a hole"? He's right though, not fair to compare them to Andrew's parents. Though it *is* fair to ask them questions based on your learnings from that whole ordeal. Like... "what did you guys teach now-revealed-bf's-name about divorce?"


    1. Oh man, guess I should have learned how to pixilate pics first ;)

      I felt like 'a hole' was appropriate for practically insulting someone's parents!

      And yeah questions are definitely good, I think the comparing is slowly going away as I learn more about him (and family) and see how different he is :)

    2. And maybe he just wants me to go to the movies with a random guy named Doug?? Haha