Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day of Togetherness and Adventure

Well I'm back to the grind of work and school. Feeling that terrible feeling of being overwhelmed as I figure out the new semester and get into the groove. Just heard the most recently graduating class of 36, 6 of them failed the N-CLEX exam, so I am super worried. Plus this semester is all about the heart, my least favorite topic. But anyway, last weekend I had a whole day to go on a date. I told him it would be my last free Saturday for the next 16 weeks, otherwise I have to go to work, so we took advantage.
It started with me making breakfast:
mmmmm, scrambled eggs, potatoes, turkey bacon
We had breakfast and then he took me down to Belle Isle. He remembered me saying that I loved Belle Isle, but did not know that some of the memories, including getting married there, are bittersweet. At one point I started to feel overwhelmed and an emergency text was sent to my friend Jill about how I was feeling. She listened to me, and reassured me it was okay to have good memories of Andrew, and that I didn't need to abandon those memories to have a future with anyone else. And she reminded me that I may have memories of new perfect days with him in the future. I felt much better, and am excited for what is to come.
Anyway, first up was the Aquarium, I don't think I'd ever actually been there when they had fish there, it had been closed down before
found Nemo!
This was funny, first he was like "look at that eel!" then a second later "look at that hand!!"
bowmp-chicka-wow-waaa (gross albino frogs, at least they find each other attractive...)
Also something I had never seen at an Aquarium, a fencing demonstration! We were laughing at their attempt to link up the two things, 'fish have swords.. and so do people!' but he got to put the stuff on and fence a dude
After that we went to the conservatory
We were in the desert/cactus room and I asked him what he'd do if we got trapped in there for a week, his response? "I'd eat you after 20 minutes", haha.
Then we went to the Nature Center and watched a squirrel and opossum gorge themselves.
Then, speaking of gorging, he took me to Slow's BBQ where I fell in love with my sandwich
The Yardbird. No bacon, no mushrooms. Oh. My. Gosh. Heaven.
Then we headed up to my friend Liz and Mark's, and talked, played ping-pong, and it wouldn't be a weekend without watching Pitch Perfect. Good times :)

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  1. Sounds like a great time together. :) Glad Jill could share some calming words.

    I want to take up fencing and archery. I think being so steeped in technology all the time I want to learn some "old school arts." Then if we are plunged into a _________mageddon, I'll be the one surviving.