Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 Extra Days

My flight back to MI was cancelled because of 12" of snow that fell there. I had been checking the flight status all day, and it kept saying "on time", then it was delayed 3 hours, and then as I was sitting in the van to take me to the airport I checked one last time, and now it said "cancelled". So I hopped out of the van and my brother came back to pick me up. We laughed a bit because I was taking this van to save him a trip to the airport, but because of the delay and cancellation, now he would have driven me 3x to the van pick up spot. Haha, whoops. I was glad I found out it was cancelled though before I got to the airport because it turned out there wasn't an outgoing flight for 2 days!! Would not have wanted to live in the airport for 2 days. Yuck.
Honestly I was a little bummed because I had planned to host book club that night, and I had a date the next night, and I was supposed to go back to work. But, it was really nice to have an extra couple days with my brother, and Michelle and Molina.
It is going to be so hard to go back to 'real life'. I hear it's still in the negative degrees in Michigan, and it's been so nice being on such a relaxing vacation. For 2 weeks now I have had time to read my Bible everyday, sleep 9-10 hours a night (!), and exercise everyday. It has been great. It's going to be pretty rough waking up again at 5:30, when I've been sleeping till 11am (MI time). Ouch.
Some pics:
getting baby girl a head start in her Bachelor watching love
see she likes it!
pretty blue eyed baby girl
me & Molina
she makes the funniest little faces
turtle photobomb
awwww... "the thinker" sound asleep. I made her that blanket and those little jammie pants
I had one of these a few days ago, and had my laaaast chance at another this morning, but decided on health instead
And now I'm totally regretting it. Chicken tender on a flaky buttery biscuit, complete heaven. Sigh.
Otherwise, such a great vacation! I hope it's not too long before I see everyone again!

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  1. Awww Molina is so stinkin' adorable! Congrats on being an aunt, isn't it the best!? Enjoy the extended vacay!! :)