Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Catching Up

Gosh, I am not liking Med/Surg 2. So hard. The class is all about all kinds of heart problems. I guess I always thought I could just be very vague about the heart and get away with it, nope, I'm supposed to know all these valves and fibers and nodes, and of course all the problems, signs/symptoms, and interventions. There has been lots of this lately:
And where there's studying.... there's cookie making
My classmate brought me this vanilla from Mexico as a thank you for helping her register for her classes while she was on her honeymoon, how nice!
Toasting the pecans
Dicing figs, ew, they look like cockroaches there
Tossing the figs and chocolate chips with a little flour so they didn't clump
And viola, Turtle Oatmeal Cookies from my favorite vegan recipe blog girl. I think they tasted a bit too pecan toasty, but everyone else who had one said they liked it.
Also recent goings-on included marking the anniversary of 1 month of dating. My lovely gifts:
fritos, my true love, and
pretty, but stinky, flowers. I told him I definitely appreciated the thought and gesture, but for future reference I did not like this type of flower. I felt kinda bad telling the truth, but I figured a bit of sad feelings now vs. me potentially getting stinky flowers the rest of my life. He didn't seem too crushed. So that's good.
I got a mystery cold over the weekend and it lingers on. So I'm not feeling fantastic, but this guy playing in the hospital lobby today really lifted my spirits.
have harp, will travel!
This dude wasn't just playing heavenly choruses either, he was playing songs from the Beatles and that Dreamed a Dream song from Les Mis, it was a beautiful treat to hear while eating lunch today. And I told him so too.


  1. "Heavenly choruses" LOL! I love u and your funny sayings :)

  2. I love the harp. Did I ever send you an album by Joanna Newsom? She has a scratchy voice - I love it!

    I agree, tell him now. Michelle and I always laugh at one time she came home and was like "loooook what iiiiiii gotttt!" and whips out this extra-thick cut bacon. I do not like extra-thick cut bacon. So I was like "aaahh, that's nice" and then eventually told her. But it is hard not to break her heart since she went out of the way to think of me.

    I read some eco-friendly article seriously proposing that if people would eat bugs, including cockroaches, instead of meat, how much we would save the earth blah blah. Sometimes those people are quite crazy.. help yourselves!

    p.s. I don't want my nurses to be vague about my heart. "Oh, you know, blood goes in blood goes out, what's there to know" hahahaha