Monday, June 3, 2013

catching up

I haven't been up to much lately.
Made 2 more grocery bag holders. I have more craft ideas brewing, but mostly for gifts so might not post until given.
Made these ginger cookies (yum) and potted a basil plant my friend gave me.
I waterproofed all my leather shoes, I can spray = 7 pairs shoes.
Me & Becks hung out while I was doing my women's small group reading homework, he's Mr. Snuggles again lately.
I've been a little frustrated because I've kept my 2 school days off work and the plan was to do some 'nursing' type of job on those days. A few things fell through, and I have been lined up to be a 'nurse aide' (although it's not really any skilled nursing) but they weren't calling with shifts. Finally they called me today and I'm lined up to go later this week. I do need to get something on the resume besides paralegal and just my school clinicals.
Also this week I am going to go observe a surgeon do some scoping of the knee and/or shoulder joints. I'm not sure yet, but I'm excited. So it has been helpful having these days off to get caught up and be free to do that, but if I wasn't going to get something soon I was just going to go back to work. I get bored easy!
I've been planning on making tequila lime chicken and black bean burritos for awhile now, but I didn't have any tequila. I thought about pinching some from the people I babysit, but they only had Patron and I didn't feel right taking some of that since it's so expensive! So today I stopped at the liquor store and got some. I was looking at the mini bottles and asking the guy which ones were tequila and what I could use for the marinade and he sold me this one and said it's usually $4 but gave it to me for $3. Ok, thanks!
Hopefully they're tasty.
This last weekend I hung out in Ann Arbor with my cousin and we went to some stuff downtown and then contra-danced. It was super fun, and I found out there is a place closer to me here that does it too, now only to find some friends to bring!!