Monday, June 10, 2013

The Postal Service

I'm so excited!! Tonight I'm going to see my favorite indie band. The Postal Service. I have loved this band probably since 2003, or shortly after, when my brother burned me their cd. I have, no joke, probably listened to this cd at least 100 times. (except song #8 which I always skip). For awhile it was funny because I would go pick up my brother and the cd would be playing in my car, then the next year he'd be in my car again, and it'd be playing, and again the next year. So good.
During my divorce I often felt like I couldn't do anything at all. I would drive to work in silence crying and praying. Then one day I finally played one of my indie cds, and it really did help me start to feel like myself again. (not underplaying the HUGE role of God healing me of course!) But it helped me feel like me.
Anyway, my boss got me tickets and I am SUPER excited.
The rest of the weekend was good. Went dancing with my co-worker girlfriends, fun; breakfast with a friend who moved out of state, fun; errands, not so fun but necessary; movie night, fun; and day at my parents' house, fun and nice. A good weekend.


  1. What other indie CD were you listening to?

  2. I have never heard of the Postal Service, I should give their music a listen!