Thursday, June 6, 2013

surgery watching

In my last clinical rotation my class (of 8) had the evening shift, so while our other classmates got to go watch surgeries, we didn't. So my dear mother asked around and found a doctor that would let me come watch some stuff. Today I watched a shoulder scope looking for a rotator cuff tear, and then 2 knee scopes. It was pretty cool. When I got there the patient was already prepped and looked kinda scary sitting on the table
Since no cameras allowed, it looked like this
They have a big tube in your mouth, eyes taped closed, and her gown was falling down while they were arranging her arm so she was pretty much topless. Then they kept draping her so eventually just an arm was sticking out of a massive blue pile of drapes. During the procedure the joint is continually flushed with saline (to keep it open in there), then the doctor makes 3 cuts and inserts the camera and then his tools into the other holes. But whenever he would take a tool out, the hole would spurt water like a geyser. Kinda gross, kinda cool.
Everyone was really nice to me, and the doctor kept showing me things on the screen and explaining everything to me. It was interesting. Next week I go back to watch him do a joint replacement, not sure if it will be knee, hip, shoulder, we'll see! I'm more nervous about that since that's when my mom said she fainted when she was going thru nursing school....
Last night was basketball class, I am really enjoying this class. We had a 'shooting skills clinic' and then played. I have to say this class has been quite the ego boost, last night another guy asked me out to dinner. This never happens!! Anyway, and later I played 3 on 3 with some classmates and actually made a basket! They totally went easy on me, but I was happy all the same. It's been really fun.
After class I made the tequila lime burritos, I do love me some mexican food, but I'm not sure I could really taste the tequila lime? I don't know if I'd necessarily make it again.
made some guacamole
it was very pretty!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoy your bball class! Also, sorry to hear about the tequila lime burritos ;( We made them a few weeks ago without the tequila and they were okay. But it drives Garth crazy when I don't follow a recipe exactly, ha!

    1. Garth doesn't need to know everything ;)

  2. You should ask my mom if you can go watch some endo procedures!! I wish she could hire you. It would be good for both of you!

    1. why did I not think of that?? I wish she could too :)