Friday, June 21, 2013

Last Basketball Class

I'm so sad. Basketball class is over.
I'm really glad I did this class. It was a lot of fun. My last class I played 4 games, and during those games I actually made one of my three attempted baskets, yay! I even earned my first bruise when this girl body slammed me. Ouch. But so fun.
Would I be totally crazy if I signed up for another class next semester??
So during the last class, motorcycle guy asked me out again, this time he upgraded it to dinner. I again said no, but we had a nice little chat about it- no fake boyfriend was called in this time and I felt comfortable. Then as I was walking out the other guy who had asked me to dinner chased me down the hall and told me, "you handle yourself with class and humility and that is a rare find these days." Wow, what a great compliment!
I am getting better about how I let the words people say to me effect me. Guy at the bank: "What is today laundry day?" Me: ignored. My boss: "You're almost to that age where guys won't like you." Me: ignored. Basketball guy: "Class and humility." Me: Thank you!
And mostly remind myself that God created me fearfully and wonderfully and calls me good.
I got my new school schedule today and I am so excited to go back! Still 8 weeks away, which I'm sure will fly by with my mission trip, and sister's wedding, but seems far away now. Mental health and ob/gyn here I come!
Recent eats:
Made a Bush's cucumber chickpea salad
It was ok, not fabulous
I like that obese grape
Tasty lunch
Veggie burgers
I love these things so much
Tried this new Quinoa Pumpkin Seed Granola
mixing it up
Stirring in the honey, coconut oil, and cinnamon
Whoops, a little more 'dark' vs 'golden' brown
Had it on some yogurt this morning, tasty!

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