Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day and Movie Weekend

Spent time celebrating this guy this weekend. Had a picnic in the park, rode bikes, went to the movies. I had entered my dad in a grill contest at my church by writing a poem, mine was pretty corny and I didn't win, but I gave a copy of it to him in his card. He got sniffly and said I should have won :) haha, my dad is great, I am very blessed.
The movie we saw was Mud. I had never heard of it, and it was kind of fun sitting down to a movie that was going to be a total surprise, usually I like to read about what I'm going to see first.
It was really good. And Matthew McConaughey even grungy and with a chipped tooth, ow ow! But really good movie, we all liked it.
Another movie I watched this weekend was Warm Bodies.
I have been waiting for so long for this to not be sold-out at the redbox. I loved this movie! Cutest. Movie. Ever. I watched it twice on Saturday, and then again last night with my friend. It's sweet, funny, romantic, some good indie music. Sighhhh, I want a zombie boyfriend! It's going straight to my bday wish list.
This weekend I also went to the theater with my friend for our last show of the season tickets, good times, crafted on stuff for my future baby niece(!), talked to my siblings, made some good food, church, and read. Our book club is reading so many fun books lately. We just read Uglies and that was after reading some in the Divergent series. They're all kind of similar in their storyline of a futuristic society where our world was destroyed. But so good, now I keep hoping they'll make them into movies!

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