Thursday, June 13, 2013


The invitation to my sister's wedding arrived!! I know she had been working hard on her invites, and they looked great. The hardest decision was between the dinner options, but ultimately I chose chicken because I'm sure the beef would be more on the red side and last time I went veggie it was a mushroom dish. Backfire! I still have to go try on more dresses, but it has been a very low key wedding, which is nice. I was listening to my friend last night at book club talk about her sister's upcoming wedding and it was getting out-of-control. The money, the expectations, stress!
Earlier in the week I made this:
Pan fried broccoli, cilantro-lime sweet potatoes and BBQ chicken. It was really good. I didn't used to like BBQ sauce, but now I do. I just have to make sure to find the no high fructose corn syrup version, that stuff is in everything!
I went home on the weekend and my mom sent me home with this gorgeous bouquet of peonies. My favorite flower. They are so pretty and smell wonderful.
Other huge news is I'm going to have a baby niece!! Just found out yesterday and the craft ideas are getting racked up :) My brother and sister-in-law are very thankful for a healthy baby so far!


  1. Such exciting news in your fam! Awesome!! :) Also, love the flowers! Aren't fresh flowers just the best?!

  2. Gah, I didn't even see the invite! Michelle filled it out and returned it, haha. I like the little heart charm though. It all looks good.