Wednesday, April 27, 2016

landscaping part 2

So Mom came over on Monday and we spent HOURS digging out the stuff that had been there. We only worked on the section under the bay window. Spreading plants with deep roots like lily of the valley, violets, and something else I can't remember the name of. We transplanted some violets to bare shady areas around the back of the house; mom says its nice to have stuff like that bordering the house because you can mow right up to it and its easy. It definitely looks nicer than bare spots too!
This was after we dug everything up and rototilled it. I don't have a picture of the before, but imagine weedy plants everywhere like you see over to the right of the bay window. We left that one hosta plant.
Then another trip to Lowes.
This is what $140 worth of stuff looks like. A lot of money for not much area! We got 2 spirea plants in the back flanking the bay window, the hosta was there and we moved another 2 over from another area in the yard with the variegated one in the middle, planted a clump of phlox towards the left (and planted them in a big bucket so they won't spread too much), and then two clumps of geraniums on the right. We laid down that plastic sheeting so weeds can't grow through and then covered it with mulch.
The rocks are just stuff we found in the garden and haven't gotten rid of yet. There is a railroad tie border lining the landscaping that we will keep, for now at least.
So yeah, another part done! Everything looks so small now but will eventually be a little more appropriate sized for the space. The last section is super long like 20 feet, so that will take forever to clear. And then the plants I want aren't available in the nurseries yet so will take a little break until then.
Moving into the backyard, I had ordered some solar lights and Doug strung them up on the shepard's hooks he placed on the two outer corners of the deck.
They are actually quite bright and pretty! So we still need a couple hanging plants, and to re-do chipped spots on the deck, and hang the lattice around the bottom part and the back deck will be done!

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  1. I love the lights! You have a Parenthood backyard now, love it!!!