Monday, April 25, 2016

15 weeks and other goings on

Saturday was 15 weeks. Our baby is now the size of an orange! The belly rubbing from other people has begun, which is very odd since I still don't think my stomach looks much different at all.
Saturday Doug and I went to a baby fair at the hospital. It was a couple hours well spent. Doug learned how to swaddle and change a diaper
He was joking that the little black baby didn't look like him, but he was surprisingly tender and you could tell he was paying close attention. He also learned how to save a choking baby and we sat in on a little class about labor techniques and making homemade baby food. There was free food and vendors there too. I bought a sweet little crocheted hat from some girl with a table. I was thinking usually when my friends have babies I'm the one that makes stuff for them, so maybe its up to me to make homemade stuff for my little one. It's odd though, for whatever reason I just don't feel like it!! I am planning on making a mobile but I bought the little felt animals, and I'm telling Doug "am I so lazy I can't make my own animals for my own baby??" but I just didn't want to. Sorry baby.
We had entered our names for a door prize and we actually won something! A very gender specific prize actually, seems thoughtless of the prize makers, but whatever, some good stuff in there.
Saturday night we had some of Doug's friends over for a bonfire. It was a pretty fun night. Today I spent the morning cleaning my floors where people tracked in their sticky marshmallow shoes, but oh well. I got a new vacuum for cleaning bare floors and it makes my life easier. Although truth be told, I hate washing floors, and I only do it like once a year. Too gross? Anyone else out there?
Sunday we tried another church that was really good. But the music was SO LOUD, I went in the hall until it was over and while I was there another lady came out with her hands over her ears. But the preaching was so good and relevant so we will probably be back, with earplugs in tow. Sunday I was feeling pretty bad and even had Doug pull over on the way home, no puke, but close. Seems unfair that the nausea comes now. You had your chance in the first trimester!! So spent some time on the couch before going to our friend's son's 1st bday party.
Which was fun and nice to see friends. Today is a sunny morning and I'm waiting for mom to come over and help me again with my front yard landscaping. I am looking forward to things looking a bit nicer. Although how gorgeous is this tree?!?
Doug keeps talking about maybe us moving next year, but unless it's to my dream lake house I really don't want to. More and more I'm liking our house and our little updates are making it much homier. Plus I love our quiet street which I think will be great for kids and already is pretty nice for September kitty. I'm getting ready to prep for my garden and last night Doug and I sat out and made a fire in the backyard and it was really nice. So yeah, unless it's a huge step up this house will do nicely for a few more years.

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  1. You look amazing, girl!! Seriously so happy for you!! And that tree in your front yard is so gorgeous!