Monday, April 4, 2016

weekend update (updated)

Worker bee Doug slaved away in our attic this weekend.
We woke up Saturday morning to see we'd left the garage open all night long. Whoops! Good thing our expensive insulation and everything else was still there! Thank you God for a nice quiet street and safe neighborhood.
Liz came over in the morning, I had given her a massage coupon for Christmas and she cashed it in, so that was kind of fun. Don't do that too much anymore. Gee, I'm really struggling to think of what else I did... I did work on my paper.... hmmm... it was cold, snowy and nasty so I'm pretty sure I just hibernated inside. For dinner Doug and I tried this Chinese take out place close to our house. Which led to the most disappointing meal of 2016. I ordered the Veggie Szechuan which turned out to be 3/4 bamboo shoots, 1/6 mushrooms and a measly bit of other veggies like peppers and broccoli and the sauce wasn't even good. $9 and straight to the trash can. What a waste. So then I was super pouty and mad. Last time ever going there and last time ordering from a place without asking first for every ingredient to be listed.
Sunday I worked a super busy shift and even ended up staying till 8pm. Exhausting. Doug had driven me and when he picked me up we went to this new Mediterranean street food restaurant. That was much better.
I got the mini bowl with falafel, kale-boulleh, hummus, wheat berries, and garlic paste.
Doug got the power bowl with tandoori chicken, basmati rice, garlic paste and some kind of salad.
Super good. The guy behind the counter was really friendly and encouraging us to try their many other sauce flavors, and they give little sample cups, but we both are suckers for the garlic paste, even though the breath stays with you like 24 hours!
Today I'm 'recovering'. I'd like to see my friend Kim's new baby, and I've got to do more work on the paper. Our washing machine is leaking again and so I've been looking online and researching. It seems like they are all using this HE function where it senses the load size and adjusts the water level? But then the reviews are saying many people don't like that so they try to trick their machines and end up using the max water level anyway? And then they have to have special detergent and a special way to load? Geez, I just want to turn a knob and put my clothes in there and have them come out clean. Is that too much to hope for? I think I'm smart enough to decide which low/medium/high level of water to choose, I can see how much I'm putting in there. I don't understand why these engineer people can't leave something that works alone. Anyway, if anyone loves their washer, let me know.
So we may have some extra time on this ol' washer yet. I did another load yesterday and what may have appeared as a leak, could also possibly be overspray from this incredibly lint-filled washer hose lint trap thingy that made the water spray over the side of the drain tub and onto the floor. I reached in to adjust it and got a face and shirt full of dirty water. Which was disgusting. But possibly good news on extending, yet again, the life of our washer.
Wow our laundry makes a lot of lint!
So we shall see....
And I leave you with a picture of our little attack kitty. (I need new window screens I know!)
she was enjoying the sunny window, don't we all!

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