Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring landscaping!

So last spring I just let whatever was planted in our garden come up, but I didn't really end up liking how it looked. Some stuff was pretty, but not really overall anything that great looking. So this year things are changing!
Of course I can't find my 'before' picture, but in front of our deck we had 3 huge overgrown burning bushes that are quite beautiful in the fall, but otherwise are just too big from the road. No curb appeal! So mom came over the other day and we trimmed them all down. Then yesterday was the real work day. Mom and Dad came and we all worked outside all day ripping them out.
After digging around the root ball with a shovel we were able to pull them out with the shrub-grabber and the Jeep.
Finally we got all 3 out.
We also had this other unknown tree on the corner of the lot. It's an ok little tree but I really want the spot to be used for one of those snowball vibernum trees that I love. So out it came! When mom was here 3 days ago it was fine, but yesterday on the gorgeous spring day that it was, it was absolutely covered in bees!
We actually saw it at Lowes and found it was a Valley Rose Piernis, which is supposed to be a small shrub! But like everything else in our yard, it was unkempt and overgrown.
The whole gang went to Lowes and picked out some boxwoods and lattice work for going around the deck. Dad and Doug worked on installing the lattice while mom and I planted shasta daisies, zinnias, and ranuculus next to Doug's kayak rack fencing in the backyard.
Then we planted the boxwoods and grass seed in front of the area that never grew any grass in the shade of the huge bushes.
Doug bought me some mulch today and one area is done!
Those bushes look teeny now, but are moderate-fast growers and eventually will be 4 feet wide and around 4 feet high. I'm pleased.
I still have to plan the layout for the rest of the landscaping along the house and then wait for the plants I want to be in the nurseries. But I am excited!
I can't believe how much work it took though for such a small 4 x 14 foot area. All 4 of us worked probably 8+ hours. Mom and Dad work so hard. I don't feel like I work as hard as they do at half their age!! And since they are working for us for free we usually get lunch, but mom even brought dinner in the crockpot and then bought us a rake! Geez, we are really blessed.

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