Tuesday, May 3, 2016

16 weeks and other stuff

16 weeks! Baby is the size of an avocado, and I see some growing in the belly area. Altho if anyone else comments, my feelings get hurt because I don't think it's super obvious, who has a completely flat stomach anyway!??
This last weekend I got to go to something I'd been wanting to go to for years, an event called Water Hill my uncle told me about years ago. People in the neighborhood get together on their porches or yards and play music and the neighbors all come around and listen. Talent ranged from little kids taking music lessons to people that are on tour. I got a girl at work to switch with me last minute so this year I could finally go! These are crappy pictures, but it was a fun time.
this bunny was hiding in a front yard
It was gray skies, but a fun afternoon followed by a super amazing vegetarian lasagna and delicious salad made by my vegetarian chef uncle. Yum
Also this weekend Doug made my garden raised beds for me!
about 2 feet wide and 12 feet long
Doug didn't want his picture taken
you can run but you can't hide!!
He made 2 of them, so hopefully I'll have better gardening luck (and space to grow) this year! Still need to till up the space, get topsoil and plant, but will have to wait till after our vacay
And finally, I leave you with a picture of sweet kitty September... geez leave a drawer unattended for a couple minutes and your pajamas become a cat bed!

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