Friday, May 20, 2016

Landscaping and garden prep (part 1)

Oh my gosh, my parents are workhorses! Mom and Dad came over yesterday to help me get my garden boxes ready. I had ordered topsoil to fill the boxes and the man came over to deliver it.
2 cubic yards may not look like a lot, but I assure you, it was hard work. That was 2 TONS of soil.
So I went off to a doctor's appointment while my parent's started working. Dad enlarged my garden plot so that it was long and wide enough to hold my new garden boxes, and roto-tilled the soil.
the area before
ready for the planters!
Meanwhile there was this last area in front of the house that was filled with wildly growing violets, lily of the valley, sedum, and some other invasive spreading plant. Mom got to work and instead of just clearing the area into the yard waste bin, she transplanted ALL the violets so that I would have something pretty surrounding my back deck.
kind of hard to see because it was sunny/shady, just imagine plants growing wildly a muck
halfway through mom's removal and transplanting
...we were all pretty tired!
so pretty! I think they will do really well. They make such a nice border. We still need to put up the lattice around the back deck, but it is a huge improvement already.
The whole area is cleared! And ready for new landscaping.
Meanwhile while mom was doing all that work, Dad and I were busy loading up wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow and eventually we moved all 2 tons into the new planter boxes.
oh my gosh it was at least like 20 wheelbarrows each planter box. Exhausting!
finally done! So I've got a little walkway in between that I'm going to put some mulch down, and Doug will put up the fence again to keep away Mr. Groundhog.
Mom is coming over on Monday and I think we will be able to get the garden planted, and finish the landscaping in the front. It will be so nice to have the basics done, and then of course keeping up with weeding/maintenance, but it looks better already! I'm really blessed to have such hard working generous helpers.


  1. I came here for an updated bump pic!!!

  2. Sorry all you found was my beautiful new landscaping!! Haha, maybe tomorrrow