Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I'm done landscaping!!

Previous landscaping posts here: in front of the deck, in front of the bay window, and along the 2 bedroom windows. So last week mom and I made one last plants trip to Lowes and Bordines and got 2 Annabelle hydrangeas, 2 butterfly bushes, 2 more geraniums, a peony, and a Kentucky blue hydrangea. And of course more compost and mulch.
laid out the black fabric to prevent weeds
jungle kitty
On my next day off I laid all the mulch down. Even that was exhausting! But it's done!!
and I got a couple hanging petunia baskets for my shepherd's hooks on the back deck
aaahh, this one's tipping for some reason!
The other side of the house, the side that needs new siding, is lined with peonies and right in the middle this crazy overgrown rhododendron. I really wanted to rip it out earlier this spring but mom made me wait till it had blossomed.
and now I'm not sure I want to lose it, it's so pretty! But so pretty for 1 week out of the year and ugly the rest. I was reading about them and it said you can cut them back pretty severely in the winter if they are overgrown and shapeless, and then the next year they send out new shoots and in a few years will look nice again, so maybe I'll try it. Can't hurt!
As far as outdoors goes I'm done planting. My garden is planted too. We need to finish the lattice around the decks, hang our shutters, get new siding on that North wall, and finish the firepit and then we'll be totally done. But it looks so much nicer already. Doug even said a neighbor came by to compliment it :) job well done!

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