Friday, February 5, 2016

recent eats

I love these crockpot refried beans!
It's so awesome to make something so easy and cheap and to have your husband request that you make it every week.
little does he know onions are blended into the beans, muah ha ha haaaa!
We picked up these tasty chili-lime tortilla chips, topped with the beans, cheese, avo slices and blob of light sour cream, so tasty!
Another good meal was this stir fry.
I just have to accept that I'm not good at making stir-fry sauce. Tear. The bottle of House of Tsang Spicy Szechuan is by far my favorite. It's like $3.50 a bottle, but that will get you 2 batches of stir-fry, it's probably worth it for amazing taste every time.
I pan fried a little tofu. After eating at Pei-Wei last week I wanted to attempt my own tofu. They must deep fry theirs because it was so good. The box of tofu says to press it between 2 plates to get the moisture out, yeah right, like a drop or two! I ended up pressing it between my hands and almost wringing it out like a sponge. Doug said he liked it better than last time, but it was like a 2 on a 0-10 Pei-Wei deliciousness tofu scale. Once again my dream to work part time as a cook at a delicious stir-fry place is stoked, I'll learn the tricks and then be off to my own kitchen!
So tomorrow is Jill's big day! Doug and I are trying to put up our bedroom crown molding this morning before I head down to her bachelorette girl's happy hour and sleepover. I'm excited and so happy for her.
We picked up the crown molding last night after my shift and good thing Doug happened to look up a youtube how-to, apparently we bought one that has to be put in on an angle! Otherwise we would have just put it flat against the wall like the bathroom trim. Good thing he saw that! Alright, off to help...

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  1. Your tofu looks so good though! Ahhh so happy for Jill! Have so much fun and I can't wait for the recap! :)