Tuesday, February 16, 2016

my funny valentine

Doug and I had a very nice Valentine's day weekend.
The first half of Saturday we spent on a double date shooting with our friends Brad & Erin.
This is the one we'll probably buy
me & Erin
After the range we all went to Panera and had a late lunch and talked several hours, it was fun. Then Doug and I went home to pack for the surprise weekend he had planned.
my sweetie got me these roses, he started giving me one a day, but then I accidentally found his secret stash while organizing the closet so then he gave me the rest.
We get in the car and start heading towards Detroit, eventually I figured out we were going to a casino hotel. I had once mentioned to Doug I wanted to stay at a fancy hotel so he had booked us a night at the MGM Grand.
Except we get there and they can't find our reservation. So after some investigating we find out that Doug had somehow booked a night at the MGM Grand- Las Vegas. Whoops! The concierge swapped out our reservation and we headed up to our room.
There was a "fireplace" on the tv, fancy Sanders chocolates on the bed, and jazzy music coming from the bathroom. Fancy
Doug had packed some goodies for the evening
We went down and ate dinner at one of the restaurants.
The next morning we slept in and then went out for breakfast. We found this gem Rose's Fine Food and I ordered the "Babe Squad Breakfast" which was wonderful. 2 fried eggs, garlic sauteed greens, housemade beans, and toast with goat cheese and honey. Doug had pancakes with bacon crumbled in the batter.
Doug said he'd take my picture and he gave my camera back with like 20 pics of me chewing, haha
After breakfast we headed back home. We made a stop on the way looking for a new rug, unsuccessful, and then relaxed at home. Later in the evening I made Doug a "heart" shaped pizza.
Yeahhh.... it's no night in a fancy hotel, but he liked it. I gave him a Groupon I found for a flight lesson, and I can come with! So looking forward to that adventure in the spring/summer. For a brief period Doug was considering being a pilot and had some flight lessons, so I thought it would be fun to go again for a bit.

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