Friday, February 12, 2016

making stuff

Was in a bit of a mood to get back on track with making healthy meals last week.
I bought one of those veggie spiralizer things and made some zucchini noodles
sauteed with some olive oil, salt and pepper and garlic powder. It really shrinks down, that was one zucchini, enough for dinner for 2 but no leftovers.
Made a tomato lentil sauce from the oh she glows cookbook to go on top
it was good
That same night I baked lemon chia seed muffins for work snacks and made that delicious toasted coconut almond granola. Doug's been eating it like crazy even tho he "hates nuts".
I've also been working on our 'family yearbook' for 2015 and finally finished it and ordered it. So excited! A nice neat way to keep track of our life together.
And I made another bib, this one for my cousin who's baby shower is on my work weekend (of course). I think it's a fun print because it's so cute, and she actually used to have a pet hedgehog!
This morning Doug and I slept in, I made breakfast
turkey bacon, eggs with gouda, and roasted potatoes, mmmm
A guy came to check the furnace (a - ok), talked to my brother while walking on treadmill, went to work for 1/2 hour to learn about strokes, and now back at home and about to work again on our bedroom trim. Wish us luck!

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