Friday, February 26, 2016

life lately

Not up to anything crazy lately. I'm working 6 out of the 8 next days, sooo looking forward to that. But after that, my family will be in town! So I am really looking forward to that. What I need to be doing is getting my act together about my online class. It's a research class and I just don't care right now. But I really need to be reading and summarizing articles so I can write my paper. Just cannot get motivated.
One kinda funny thing is I got a text of a recipe from my cousin's wife. My cousin has the same exact name as me and maiden name, and so occasionally she tries to send herself a text to remind her of something and she sends it to me. It was a recipe for a vegan shepard's pie, so I thought I'd try it!
Pretty good! I told her to please feel free to accidentally text me more delicious recipes :)
One little thing that makes me smile, this fat little chubbster eating at my bird feeder. This little guy has no tail, hence his name 'no tail' and I've been watching him a couple years now.
What a cutie. Eat up!
It's really cool watching birds and squirrels outside our window, we've had several large turkeys in the yard again, kinda cool, feel like I live in the country again.
Last night Doug and I rented Bridge of Spies from redbox, it was pretty good. Made me miss my paralegal job. Today we relax and do some errands and back to work tomorrow!

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  1. That shepherd's pie looks amazing!! And I was just catching up on your posts and your Vday celebration was adorable!!!