Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jill got married

Friday I rode down to Detroit with another bridesmaid Kim, the girls got dressed up and went to Andiamos for happy hour to do a little bachelorette party. Then back to her hotel room for popcorn and girl time.
Me & Jill's sisters. Sadly preggo Kim was feeling bad so she went to her room.
Jill's friend Erin from Canada treated Jill to a pedicure
the bride!
The next morning we woke up early for breakfast and then went downstairs to the salon for hair and makeup.
They had some kind of screen on the window, but the sunrise over the Detroit river was beautiful
Kim getting made up
Jill coiffed and ready for make up
Jamie getting her hair done
Next we went up to the very top to the Coach Insignia for the rehearsal and rehearsal lunch. One thing that was nice was everything was all inside. The only time we ever went out of the building was for a brief, freezing, windy very-short photo op.
The view from the Coach Insignia. So pretty! We did the rehearsal, had catered Mudgies for lunch, then went back to our hotel room to get ready
me & Kim
Jill was getting her 'getting ready' shots
ready to get married!
Jill and Damon were doing that 'first look' with their photographer around Detroit so the bridesmaids hung out and watched HGTV a bit, then we all headed back up to Coach Insignia for the ceremony.
I was imagining something different at first for Jill's dress but she really looked amazing
Jill's grandma holding the flower girl
lots of shots of Jill's rear, but hey, that looked pretty good too! ;)
her nephew was a 'Thomas the train' bearer
husband and wife!
They also did this cool idea of calling up different groups of people for pictures with them, and then that group would be dismissed over to the cocktail hour
The cocktail hour was sad for Anne, I am particular in my alcohol tastes and pretty much only like peach schnapps with cranberry, or coconut rum and cranberry. Most people would think it was cool they only had alcohol from Michigan, but that meant no peach schnapps or coconut rum. So I had some drink made with vodka from Ferndale, and only a sip because I didn't like it. Also there was only fancy cheeses and odd looking things with no labels, and I'm a regular taste buds kind of person, so just had a couple raspberries and cracker or two until dinner.
For dinner both Doug and I chose the chicken and risotto. The risotto was amazing, and it came with Brussel sprouts. The only thing I wish was different was that there were more sprouts! There was just a small pile of mostly the outer leaves. But otherwise everything was good.
No dancing, so we ate and talked with friends and had a good time.
me & Dougie
me and Emily
the prayer group girls!
We left around 10 because I had to work Sunday. Now Jill is off enjoying a wonderful Cancun honeymoon. Congratulations Jill and Damon!


  1. Jill looks so gorgeous!!! So happy for her!!! Love Kim's baby bump! And you look beautiful as always! What a gorgeous wedding and such a perfect day for it!

  2. Thanks for the fun and complete recap of the day. It was wonderful and I'm so glad you were standing up there with me! Bosom friend!

  3. Yay! Congratulations Jill (and Damon)!