Thursday, February 19, 2015

cool things

The other day I looked up from the laptop and saw this outside the window:
That turkey's like hey, whyz this cage around the treatz!?!
Him and his friends were roaming the neighborhood
I feel like I'm out in the wilderness!
I've been working for my dad in his pipe organ shop for a bit before I start at the hospital.
It took us both 8 hours to make this (well, there were 2 of them), and the wood pieces were already cut and everything, just the fitting and gluing.
What my dad does is truly an art. I don't know how I didn't inherit more of his patience. A good reason I should not take over the family business - my organs would be all slopped together. But I'm happy he has a job that really encompasses the talents he's been blessed with.
I saw these Christian conversation hearts at the store, how cool!
I hope this doesn't seem flippant, after talking about conversation hearts, but I read an article about ISIS beheading those 21 Christians in Libya, and it made me cry. Those men refused to deny Christ, and were singing to Jesus as they were killed. It's so heart breakingly beautiful. I really hope if I am ever faced with that, that I would have the courage and grace to stand up for my faith. I can't imagine. Here in the US where we still, as of now, have the freedom of religion, I can't imagine it. And while I haven't denied I'm a Christian, I haven't preached Him or witnessed as well as I should. I know God is so proud of those men, and I'm sure their families are too, and I know they are all in heaven with Him now- but it's really, really terrible. Events like this make me long for heaven.

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