Monday, February 9, 2015

catching up

We've been busy with lots of little things
This was the original wood thing above the kitchen sink, with a light box but no fixture. The popular facebook vote was that it should come down.
So it did
After many a trip to Lowe's, we decided on this simple pendant light
Doug wanted that old timey Edison bulb, but when it dies I want to replace it with just a white bulb. It does cast a sort of amber light in there. We didn't really *need* the light, the kitchen is actually pretty well lite, especially during the day from that window. But I like it.
Doug and I have a list going with one kind of bigger project per month. Last month was to replace our countertop microwave with an above-the-stove built in vent one. (we are still waiting on delivery). For this month we did the kitchen sink light and the bigger 'home project' (very loosely deemed) was home security, in the form of a shotgun.
So Saturday off we went to Cabela's an hour and a half from here to get the gun Doug had been researching. The best part of the trip was lunch at some Michigan Lakes Bar and Grill
I had this delicious grilled cheese burger on chipotle swirl bread with a side of fried pickles. A heart attack never tasted so good! And outside Cabelas was a food truck selling fresh made apple cider donuts. Yum.
Anyway, now Doug and I are packing.
I never wanted to have a gun in my home. But I figure a shotgun would be harder for little hands to pick up and actually shoot someone, and we still have time to research safes and stuff like that. It does have a lock too.
The other home project for February was getting our piano tuned. My parent's neighbor gave me his wife's old piano, and I am excited to have one in the house to play. I think it would be fun to take some lessons again. We'll see. This piano tuner was pretty cool, within minutes it was obvious he was a Christian. He sat right down at our piano and bursts into singing a hymn. I left to go to Jill's shortly after he came but Doug said every couple notes of tuning he would burst into song again. He also gives this timeline of kings and prophets in the Bible up until Jesus's birth. Pretty cool way to share his faith.
That afternoon I went up with Jill to her mom's house for a bonfire. I thought I had tossed all my old Andrew stuff last month when I was sorting, but I forgot I had a box of old letters and such I had left at Jill's for that very purpose- to burn it! Next time. We had a good time burning her stuff, drinking wine, and eating s'mores. On the way home we saw a rabbit run out in front of us, and then heard something under the car. Jill (nor I really) wanted to go back and look at it so we called her mom to go on a mercy killing trip. Later we called her mom again to check up and she said there was no bunny there! The next day Doug was joking the bunny was in rehab and he did an impression of the bunny doing alternating leg lifts and pausing for a bite of carrot. I hope that's what really happened! Sad :(
I bought this hair thing at the dollar tree. I really like my hair when it is those loose curls but its hard to get it to look like that without twirling it around my finger for hours, I hoped this would be the magic solution
It was working! But then it all went away with the swipe of a brush. Alas.
And of course there's always eating going on around here
I made this avocado/banana chocolate pudding
It was good
We shared this delicious fried banana split at the place where I won the free tacos. It had chunks of mango and a strawberry-kiwi salsa, it was good. I feel like winning this free taco thing was a bad thing. Every time we go we eat huge baskets of delicious chips and salsa, and then one person gets the free tacos and one has to buy a meal. So you think you're getting a great deal, but I didn't used to buy dinner every week- so already it makes you spend more money. It is good food though. Lately Liz and I split up our coupons so that they can both go a week, then she gave me a coupon so we can both go a week, and both couples eat free (plus tip of course!). But cheaper, and less overall eating chips, score!
I made a stirfry
and tried my hand at fried bananas, mmmm
spending our evenings with September
Last night we went to Doug's aunt's 60th birthday party. It was in a restaurant so we thought we'd just get getting our own meal, no big deal. But they had appetizers passed around, and a choice of 3 dinners, delicious bread and salad, and birthday cake. And then they had a magician! It was really fun. Such a nice treat. And that's been about it!


  1. I love the new light fixture!!! So pretty! Isn't working on the house fun?! I'm kinda getting addicted to it.
    Can I ask what made you decide to get a shotgun? We go back and forth so I'm always so curious what makes people decide to get one.

    1. It is fun! But then you look around and realize so much to do! :-)
      The main reason we got the shotgun, was Doug. He wanted one for clay pigeon shooting, but he wants one for home defense too. It's kind of crazy, because we do live in a good neighborhood! I guess he says he's just worried about me being here by myself sometimes. And he said the cock of a shotgun is one of the most recognized noises and if someone were to be breaking in, that might just scare them off. I guess we are thinking a tiny bit too about in the future if people are going to say we can't have guns anymore, then at least we have one, I don't know. For future bad stuff!

    2. But I pray we will never have to use it for that!

    3. That makes sense, I get it! Clay pigeon shooting is fun!

      Oh my gosh YES. It does make you realize how much more you have left to do. Now that the kitchen is painted I realize how much wood is still left to paint. Overwhelming! Haha